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Energy Healing Gym

ENERGY is about you understanding how your body is working and living and supporting you in everything you do. There is enough energy for everything you do when you are in your own true Source energy. This is a flow of energy - it is yours! Live it!

We grew our early awareness through the Physical, Mental / Emotional, Spiritual and Universal energies, experiencing the ways of fun, Joy, Love, laughter, also victim, martyr and associated fears and trauma.

We grew a strong and well-balanced physical body knowing that this is needed to hold the full Pure Love and Pure Light live this at the higher levels.

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We have completed the time of the Piscean Age by letting go the use of mental and emotional ways to creating an existence…..it never worked! We just persisted! We did not know what was missing!        Now we can become conscious of how we are living and creating our life, our world. What did all of the mental/emotional stuff ever give us? Pain, blame and shame! We were never enough when we used those energies! And we knew it! Now we know how to change all of this and create our way in the NOW!

We have let go the weight of the elements OLD - air, earth fire and water. We let go the creating of a life where the weight of ‘all we did’ broke our heart, mind and bodies. We did not know what we were creating! We just cared….NOW we can do that differently


Why did we ever think that caring was enough? We did! We lived it like a cuddly blanket! AND we carried everyone and everything we cared about!

However the physical body could not, and does not cope. Arthritis is one of the conditions that show this everyday. Our beautiful bodies show us just how we created our life. Now we can raise our awareness to higher levels and put all of the pieces together based on using Pure LOVE, Pure LIGHT. Yes...YOU can! 

Entering into this century we began accessing and living the energy and conditions of the Grandfathers and Grandmothers brought forward from the Ancient and Tribal times and living these in our families. The levels identifying these I have called the Obstacle Course of Life. They are the Sub-Conscious( the family lines),  the Un-Conscious(how we have used mental and emotional energies to get what we wanted and get rid of that which we did not want), and the Conscious (how we deal with how all of that shows in the physical body). 

All of that has seen us grow, research, solve the problems associated, clear the way forward, clear the 'old'. This forced growth has given us opportunities to change how we have lived and given us opportunities to complete the lessons of the past. Once this is completed we move forward in freedom into the NOW  and create in a base energy of Pure Love and Pure Light.

KNOW your energy 

Energy Healing Gym

The HEALING aspect is to accept the past realities as they were. When we have acceptance - we don't need it anymore. We can live with the Harmony of who we are and Gratitude for the possibilities. 

NOW! The NOW is so fast - no need of using process, the ‘old’ pain, loss, hurt, the mind ways of judgement, resentment etc….so know where you have stored these in your physical body …...and know they can be released, and quickly. The name used is Healing! To me it more about clearing the past/the old and opening naturally in all we choose. In the NOW.......WE

 LIVE PURE LIGHT                                                                                                                                                 LIVE OUR LOVE 

Energy Healing Gym

The GYM aspect is to teach you specific tools that help you know and stay in your own energy – well, strong and full of life. When we were little we learned how to clean our teeth. We learned ways to look after ourself physically.  No one taught us how to recognise the person we 'are' within. Our knowing had lost it credence over many civilisations and lifetimes. We became ‘energy poor’. We did not have the tools that could have helped us to offload the ‘weight’ we were creating. All of that is the past!

ENERGY HEALING GYM supports you to grow your awareness of your own energy.
ENERGY HEALING GYM assists you to see the possibilities and make shifts and changes .
ENERGY HEALING GYM shows you ways you can take care of yourself.

ENERGY is always changing. Know your own ENERGY. Know your own Light.
LOVE always flows. 



ann turton windowThe person I am now is alive with energy, alive in my knowing and alive as a Loving Being of Light.
I have grown my energy by clearing from me all that does not support me to live at the higher and lighter levels of Love.

Question: Where did I wake up to the possibilities?
 When I started asking great questions.

I wanted to know about energy and how the body worked with energy. I wanted to know how we blocked our true energy.  I wanted to use the purest form of energy and live it with Pure Love and Pure Light.

The Physical body is intelligent! It is living! How can I live this energy with ease and joy?

I wanted to learn how the body takes care of itself and how could I support that.

I always knew my life was about teaching and in accepting that I became a great learner.

I always recognised that the children have a greater capacity than the parents. The children are the teachers, showing us what they need to manage in the world we have created. They teach us so much.

I found Energy became the one common factor through all aspects and elements of life. Energy - everywhere - in various forms!  It was then that I realised that the only Energy that everyone on the whole planet has access to, that has never changed, that is perfect, that is always giving, that is Pure Love and Pure Light  and we have access to that. We have many names including God, Beloved Creator, True Source, Aum to name but a few. 

I wanted to grow understanding of the different fields of energy - people, animals, water creatures, plants, trees. I wanted to interact within these fields and from that learn how to create a healthy and loving life.

Coming from a background of Education I found I wanted to share what I had grown to Live and Love. I knew how each child learned and needed to be supported in/with. I wanted to write - but as I grew I realised that the old was no longer important. Growing became the dropping off of the old, that which no longer supported us to be full in our own True Source energy, and, living it. What would be the point of writing that?

The work became developing 101 ways plus to clear energy and collate what was happening, depending on the person, situation, knowing the person I was working with and how that had shaped their life. Clearing became my middle name! I saw/see how each person is already gifted with light and joy. Once the weight and it's cause was identified it became easy to clear and lift that to the Light.

Chiron Healing (Australia) was the main modality I learned my earlier tools through, although I had ventured into other modalities before that. I was looking for specifics. I wanted to find the origins. I wanted to remove the causes.

I kept searching until I realised that I already knew the answers. What I needed to learn was how to ask the questions! I have such joy forming questions from the needs shown to me by the people who came/come. I have never stopped growing. I have always felt guided from within and as new depths of clearing became evident I realised that the higher levels were accessible to me and I know they are accessible to us all. 

By working with me, you are wanting to become more of who you are.
By working with me, you have a deep sense and/or need to know your Inner Being.
By working with me, you are prepared to open to Pure Love and Pure Light that is you... and Live it.

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