Live your AMAZING

I am reminded again and again - as I remind you again and again:


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We will always 'battle' when we use mental/emotional energy. Read More »

Living Light - You are a Living Light

Light Beings opening and working together is what my work is about! Read More »

Special Notice and Thanks

I would like all clients to know that I am available throughout the Festive Season for ABSENT SESSION(S)  only.

This allows you to email me and let me know the 'situation(s) and issue(s)' and I will take it from there. 

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Let's finish the year with Gratitude and Love

I ask the highest frequencies of Gratitude and Love to be with you as we complete 2021 and our finishing of the energies 'OLD'. Read More »


Creating your own magic is about your own awareness as you live in your NOW. Read More »

CREATE the life you want

The work you have done to continue clearing emotional and mental energies and the associated weight has enabled you to live in your TRUTH again! Read More »

FEAR and it's hold over you

FEAR! and the way it shuts you down...

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An Amazing Year

Gratitude for who you are and how you have grown this year! Read More »

The Evolution of human kind in Light - Part 3

Some considerations for you:
Stand in your world at this time and bring all of who you are into two simple sentences.
Say "I am all of whom I can be".
Then say "I am living all of whom I can be".

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