Areas of Work


When you are totally present you are all of you. 

My purpose is to bring you into and more of your Love and Light.

When you know who you are and live that amazing Love and Light, your life gains purpose and the ease of living that purpose. Acceptance, Harmony and Gratitude feed your focus and allow you to see the truth in all you do. 

As you build that awareness of being all of you  - your life changes. You can give one hundred percent in every present moment with clarity.

This Awareness activates your Knowing - your 'natural Intelligence' that has travelled with you every day, mostly hidden behind the immediate needs of the physical day and world. Your body has a new level of acceptance. Your awareness feeds your inner self and your knowing supports all you do. 

Once your energy is flowing with Pure Love - Pure Light, you can pay attention to any area of your life and change the energy surrounding 'old' situations and happenings. These changes lighten your energy and gift you new focus. 



RELATIONSHIPS is a major area where we can develop our understanding of the energies that surround us and the family implications that are there. We have watched many relationships as we grew, the most important being those around us in our very early years. We set up actions and reactions based on situations and events of those times. When I work with relationship energies I find the ways developed early and how they have affected our confidence, communication, openness, sense of love and harmony.  It is always great to work with people to identify these ways, clear the energies past and choose options of going forward.


Mothers/Fathers  and PREGNANCY is a beautiful area where I teach the mother/father  to work with the baby’s energy to understand the new relationships that are constantly changing and growing. Parents have the opportunity to grow with their baby before it is born. Understanding how to rebalance on a daily basis is a fantastic way to be as comfortable as possible.


TRAUMA is a very important area as I see so many people continue to carry the resultant weight and mental/emotional energies for long periods of time. Changing the mental patterns of process is very important for any area of trauma, shock and/ or stress. This is very personal and different for everyone.


GUIDING you in your own growth and expansion is an honour. Some people’s lessons and learning are the growth. Moving through these times with understanding and ease supports your own expansion and more awareness of your talents and gifts.

Family Lines of Learning

FAMILY LINES OF LEARNING were very much part of the last century and beyond. In many cases they still have a big impact in the current world. A large number of illnesses and diseases are able to be traced through the generations past to the point of origin. Working with the Grandmothers and Grandfathers to clear the family lines and old patterns of energy created in the past is always amazing. 

Physical Conditions

PHYSICAL CONDITIONS  are worked with by first working with you - the person  and then the condition.  The body cannot heal until energy is flowing. The body will borrow and steal from other areas of the body often setting up other physical problems. Finding the cause is always the most important finding. Until this happens the energy created as disease will continue to grow. Sometimes my job is only to keep the energy flowing so the body can heal itself. Sometimes it is to clear the energy completely and then get the systems reset and active again.

Depression, Pressure & Stress

DEPRESSION, PRESSURE and STRESS are all different, They have different causes, symptoms and outcomes. The energy patterns show this very clearly. A person’s energy is compromised and narrows the body’s ability to feed itself especially the limbs and sides of the body. Arthritis and aching joints are often a  side effect of a lack of energy.

Land, Building & Homes

Working with the LAND, BUILDINGS, HOMES, apartments, properties, productivity of the land, and hospitals,  retirement homes, and old folks homes is always interesting and outcomes are immediate. Preparing ‘homes for sale’ is often about clearing the energies set up by the owners and using clear and Light energy for the new owners to shape their home for themselves.

There are many other areas of work balancing is always important, hormone balancing (male and female), changing old patterns of behaviour, clearing anxiety, lack of breath, preparing for hospital stays/operations, self worth, self esteem. Just to name a few! Bring your situation, challenge, issue to the Light.

There is always a way forward.

Possibilities and Openings

Looking after Yourself

Looking after Yourself

This would be for people who have had the initial three sessions and are wanting to develop a non-reactionary way of living....Yes!

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This package is about staying connected to our own True Source energy ONLY... NO MATTER WHAT is happening around us.

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Clearing Pain

Clearing Pain

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