Looking after Yourself

Looking after Yourself

The first six months of 2017 saw the remnants of the past and what we had 'set up for the future', wrapped around us in the present, creating a challenging time of discomfort and dis-at-easement. The purpose of this was for clearing - not for processing again and again.

We have changed from the OLD approach of using the physical body as a bank/storage facility for mental injuries and created out-of-balance emotions and feelings.

We reached the end of the accumulated energy built up from need/greed through time, from the family lines of old, from the blood lines carrying forward unfinished business and disease, from our own existence using beliefs, values, ethics and morals of culture and society creating separation and ownership at the same time.......Gosh!

We can celebrate being able to stop and re-evaluate who we are without the continuing energy of OLD. We celebrate that we can do this for ourself and then build own own world with Pure Love - Pure Light. 

Now, looking after yourself is easier than it has ever been!
It is about using your Love, your Light to clear the present, past and future as it affected you.
The merging of the your Heart, Soul, Body and Mind in the outcome.

You will know you have finished the clearing of the old mental and emotional creation of yourself when .....

1) you automatically be aware and use the energy of the Higher Levels of Light and Light
2) you merge your physical body and your Light Being energy together allowing ONEness
3) you use your expansive natural Light Intelligence as a new creativity bringing new ideas and ways.

Using the Higher Pure Love and Pure Light energies of self as a Universal Light Being will clear what you have created around you at OLD lower levels.

These energies will clear all that has blocked you from your own Pure Love - Pure Light.

You have help in being you…..shift the focus and look again....what do you newly sense?

This is simple awareness and can be used by all.The most important aspect here is create from all that you are - (no lack of) Love or Light.

ann balcony

There are major changes of awareness e.g.
When people live from the ‘outside world’ the body, the heart and mind get ‘crushed’. The weight holds over the outside of the body and cause distress and discomfort often leading to more physical conditions start to show.  This starts before birth and continues through childhood carrying the stress, pressure, pain etc of parents and society and often culture all through mind. The Being moves aside until the lessons are learned.

With the new little ones they show the damage of this early and when you are aware you can shift this and clear that energy allowing self to be more of who you really are and who they are! And that is AMAZING!

Living from the Inner self allows you to have your ‘best-est’ friend present all the time and have the sense of knowing as you make your choices anew.

Your Being strengthens everything you do. Your Light Being has no judgement, no emotions and no mental. It is as you were always told… you are looked after!

You can, everyone can,  choose to live clear of the ENERGIES of OLD and the WEIGHT associated. You can create your life opening that JOY within....it is yours.


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