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Requesting a Session with Ann

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The process of requesting a booking involves using the vCita booking system as follows:

  1. Access the calendar to find a day/time available that suits you
  2. Enter the details requested ie your full birth name and date of birth. This allows me to make sure that I have the correct energy for the correct person. I ask that this be forwarded with your request.
  3. Forward payment when the booking has been finalised.
    You may reschedule if you need. If possible at least 38hrs before your accepted time. Please read the Payment and Reschedule of Appointment Policy to clarify.
    Cancellation is about rescheduling another day/time. If there is an emergency on the day itself I will continue the session as an absent healing and pay attention to the emergency as well. Please remember the time differences.
  4. People can BULK BOOK ie same day-same time on a regular basis. Please let me know and I will send you an Invoice with the details according to your request. These bookings are asked to be paid ahead as that space is then unavailable to someone else.
  5. I use  Skype or FaceTime for your session.
  6. ZOOM will be available after OCTOBER 01, 2019.

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You have already had the opportunity to read a little about me and the willingness to share with you the opportunities we now have to fast track our growth and life.

When you choose to have sessions with Ann:

You would first choose a 90 minute session. The first four sessions are 90 minute sessions. Each time, we go deeper to clear the blockages holding in  the past patterns of energy. I will this catch-up work as your energy shows me the capacity of who you really are. My work is to clear all that is unnecessary and bring you forward into more of who you are and into your Light.

Each session is in two parts. The 90 minute sessions see me working for 30 minutes by myself with your energy and requests. This involves clearing ‘old unnecessary’ energies that rise to the surface ready to be acknowledged and let go.

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Then we meet on FACE TIME, SKYPE, or ZOOM to work the further 60 minutes to complete the session.

Please let me know your choice of communication and set up your computer/phone before the session starts. Please make sure you are hands-free as I will often have you standing and moving around.

I use a whiteboard to support what I am 'working on' and show you in a symbolic form where appropriate. As of October 01, 2019, I will be using an electronic whiteboard to improve the services I provide. This will support Skype and Zoom. 

I will still support clients who only have Face Time.

If I am more than five minutes late I will send you a message. If you are late  - let me know and I will continue to work absently until you connect to me.

The 55 minute sessions are a choice for you after have completed the four 90 minutes sessions. Some people use only the 90 minute sessions and use the pre work for family members or specific situations. Make the most of the time we have.

The 55 minute sessions will become two-part after October 01, 2019. This will mean 15 minutes absent/pre-work by me and then 40 minutes online. This will also allow people choosing ZOOM with no added cost.

The 55 minute session is also for those of you who are consciously opening and growing your own wisdom, awareness and Light. You may book these sessions on the hour or half hour. If necessary I may need to adjust the time. You will be asked to confirm if this is the situation. You will also have the choice to reschedule if required. 

Sometimes there is a need for me to adjust session times. You will receive a reschedule email which asks you to confirm the new time. 

By booking a session you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • The information contained on this site and used in sessions/treatments with Ann is for your sole/CORE/ use/purpose.
  • Please do not record the sessions or take photos without asking permission.
  • You do not have permission to use any of the material/work taught as your own. If you do share then please acknowledge where/whom it is from.

Please refer to the Payment and Reschedule of Appointments Policy.

What can I expect from a session with Ann?

It can be surprising when people feel the energetic changes as they happen. If you do not feel the changes then I know you are not in your own energy, or, you are back in time, out of your body, or/and giving your energy to others. My primary focus is to have you in your own True Source flow only. 

Scientists continue to ask this question: "How do you do that?"  
My answer is that I do not work in time or space. I work in Light with Light. I use your Pure Source with my Pure Source. I use Love - Pure Love.

Everyone has a ‘knowing’ of what their own Source energy is.  You will always recognise this - it is yours! You can forget who you really are when you live from the outside focus. This may be your physical world of "what and why".

None of this touches the core of who you really are so you do not get your 'knowing' or the answers that can guide you. When you live  from the core of your energy Being to assist with your outer world you can create the energy you need for everything you do - you create your own 'magic'

The  shifts for you in the early sessions include feeling lighter, more balanced, more aware and more accepting of who you are. Some people feel ‘tingling’ as energy goes into places that have been ‘starving’ for some time.

Pain usually goes when energy flows. The body is being fed. I liken it to ‘having rain to water the garden instead of tap water’! 

The work (in the past) has been a balance of 85% clearing and 15% healing. Healing is required when the body has been 'starved' for so long that it creates a physical problem. It will alwyas happen inb your weakest areas - usually areas where you have carried people and carried the energetic weight of that.

At the start the work (in the present) is about healing - 60% clearing and 40% healing. Where do you and/or your body require healing? Clear the blockages and thinking OLD and become who YOU truly are.

'Work' may include systems of the body, organs, when you are not able to stay centred and balanced causing spine and hip problems.  So many opportunities. 

I also find that labelled conditions are most times able to be counter-balanced with higher levels of energy until the mind/body connections are removed and healing can take place. 

Gone is the time of using the body as a storage facility for unfinished business - and especially of the Family Lines OLD (I go back 9 generations to clear patterns OLD and especially those which have created illnesses and diseases.) We do all we can to clear and heal. 

Carrying energy OLD does not make sense to me. Clear all of this energy and allow your body to heal and become the carriage for all aspects of your life.

Notice the differences! Live the differences!

***** Please note I can only work with what I am given and shown to do. I always ask for miracles - however that part is not up to me. 

Why would you want to continue sessions with Ann?

I aim to uncover/recover each person’s whole self on any visit/session.

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I set up your energy to enable you to see what it is like having flow through all areas of your body and your life. This energy is what you can have everyday! It can support any specific area eg study, work, holidays, family concerns, caring for parents, illnesses, conditions. This allows your body to have its own energy for healing, for strengthening, to be and stay well.

There are many reasons to choose a healing. Healings are an added support as you open to more of who you are until you are living your whole self. I teach you how to formulate your questions. The best questions always bring the best results.

I like the power of 10!

  1. Bring you to live as a whole being.
  2. Clear the old collectives of energy dominating your life and world eg the lines of Grandmother and Grandfathers back through time.
  3. Clearing PAIN, BLAME, SHAME........
  4. Understanding the children and what they need 'different to you' as  they grow.
  5. Something goes ‘wrong’  with no obvious cause.
  6. Finishing a relationship. Recovering from old relationships.
  7. Dis-connecting relatives/friends who have finished their physical life.
  8. Your pets are struggling/ill/lethargic? Yes! I work with animals too.
  9. The energy of your house is tired/heavy and does not support you.
  10. Recovering from illness and unable to build or hold your energy.

And yes! I could write another 10. However….ask your body! It will tell you.

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