Our connections to people, animals/living creatures and earth is often put under the heading of relationships.

We each relate to others in many different ways mostly based on inherent beliefs, values, ethics and principles taught in the earliest years of life. These are like guidelines which have us act and react. 

People also act and react in relationships based on the examples shown to us younger. Families and interpersonal relationships can be acted and re-enacted affecting not just childhood relationships but relationships into adulthood as well.

This takes us into another area - one where we look at how we relate to/with ourself first, and then how that affects our relationships with others. This is often surprising as we may be continuing relationships that do not support us. You may be living in pretence, having forgotten the truth of who you are - and that is the self that is so important in all you choose and do.

The work is not to show how, or what is acceptable in relationships. The work is to clear past situations - mental and emotional that upset and/or altered the balance. We use 'patterns of purpose' (at higher levels) highlighting what people ask for and then reset the energy. This allows people to take their next steps in clearer and lighter energies enabling different possibilities.  

We can also clear past 'collected energies' especially surrounding birthdays, anniversaries, past negative family situations etc. These 'collectives' are usually full of mental and emotional energies OLD. By clearing the energy of these and the associated energetic weight, the way opens for people to celebrate anew. New choices - new outcomes. They may be the same as the past but the energy is new.

One hint for all relationships - you do not need to become the relationship.

The relationship is what we create to share and to support all interactions. You are not your relationship(s). You are you, living the relationship(s)....and that is why and how you can change the energies affecting the relationship. 

Relationships with animals are perhaps the best example of all. They accept all we do. They allow all we do. They love us anyway.

In the new 'Light' energy we have new opportunities to transform all we do and include in that how we live our relationships.

Sit with the earth and become that energy - balanced, centred, aware and alive. That relationship is also one to remind us about who we are. How do you relate to the earth? How does the earth support you?

There is so much to share and it is by asking questions that we grow. I would be happy to grow your relationships by growing you.

Pure Love - Pure Light








Cost 60| Duration 6 months

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