An Amazing Year

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Gratitude for who you are and how you have grown this year! 

Gratitude because by finishing the 'old' we truly get to  open and grow in the new, more harmonious energy This encourages others to do the same. We didn't hide the old - we have honoured and said "Thank you for the experience(s)"

We closed doorways and opened to the 'new'. 

The 'new' is to have our energy matching the energy of the new ones  - our new babies and their high levels of awareness that they have brought into our world. When asked, we can then help others to understand who they are and how to meet their needs. Feel their red heart pjs

I can recall the urgency (in the work) from January to March where we worked and worked with our energy to upgrade the Immune System, the glandular system, and again committing to be finished of the family lines and lessons. All of the 'old' that had been passed down through time seemingly repeated on a treadmill...and never quite getting to the end!

Then we came to that point-of-knowing... the realisation that we do not need to have lessons! We perpetuated the old stories and situations through time - the body had shown us everyday... the negative memory and remembered pain. How many millions are still living that pathway? There is no longer any need or purpose to do that! We are now coming into Pure form!

It has been so exciting see how those old patterns go and how we can again be in charge of our body and also use our mind to create. Yes! You are in charge.

You become the creator, the shaper, and get to see how the outcomes continue to shape your life. I will elaborate more on that in the new year.

standing with world

It does not matter where we live in the world! It does matter that we know who we are, know our physical body and know the ways we can support and nurture ourself and our families.

That then supports our community and the way we all move forward. 

Throw out the attitudes! Throw out the mindsets! Become open hearted and open minded.

You can do this! We  can do this! and at the same time shape our world. 

Open your Pure Form. Open to the sense of newness. Open and breathe the joy of who you are... a great way to start the new year.

Pure Light

Pure Love