Creating your own magic is about your own awareness as you live in your NOW.

Living NOW expands with more ease and grace as you raise your vibrations and frequencies.

The clearing of the OLD, especially the heavy energies of mental and emotional, has raised your vibrations and frequencies already. This has lead you to own more truth of who you are. It becomes easier and easier.

And this gives you the freedom to CREATE your own way in the world. 

Amazing - yes!

woman opening arms to lightEvery time you have cleared your energy OLD you will have been opened and gifted more of who you are in Truth, Love and Light! Simple! This continues to create a more loving, healthy and flexible plus youthful you.

Continue to CREATE CREATE CREATE as this will open more knowing, awareness and knowledge of how you are actually designing your life, no matter what is in the physical world around us. YOU are YOU! and you are loved.


"You are a blessing to this world"

Remember - I suggested for you to -

  1. know what you want... know what you really, really want
  2. make your choice... feel the excitement, the joy that comes with that
  3. own your choice... every cell in your body will respond to that

Having all of these in place is important. Then you can...

  • raise your choice to the Light
  • continue to ask within (your knowing) for direction as your choice becomes your physical reality
  • be aware of your acceptance and flow through the centre of who you are
  • continue creating your world

Visit your choices again and see if they really suit you/become you. Change them if they don't! 

I would love to hear how these articles have supported you in your growing awareness.



Added notes

I waited for some time to write these articles. We needed to have completed our early responsibilities to 'heal' the family lines back through time. We needed to have brought peace and honour to them and their lessons / learning to allow our own life to open and have freedom of a different kind. 

That freedom comes from within.

We have lived Light for some time and have enjoyed the benefits... more energy, a lighter healthier body and built our awareness of who we are.

Now we are growing our awareness through the Dimensions and Levels of Light. These are the vibrations that allow us to create and manifest what really supports us on our journey.

I hope you enjoy with these three articles and see where your truth 'sits' with this.

Print these and hold them to you and feel the response of your body. You can do this with any of the articles I have written. These articles have been written to bring healing.

Is that your awareness?