Customer Story - Endometriosis

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Making me smile this month is this wonderful story, published with approval by SH, New Zealand.

"I had no idea about energy healing but a friend told me that I should see Ann for my whole wellbeing. I did not mention my endometriosis to her as I had no concept that Ann could help with that - I had been through 4 operations over the years, but it kept coming back.

My very first session with Ann proved to be an amazing healing experience. Ann told me that my reproductive system energy was twisted and holding past events/trauma, which we then discussed. She asked me whether or not I could forgive the person involved and let go of the pain. I said I could! After working with my energy, she told me that the endo was cleared. I didn't really believe it at that moment! However that one session did actually cure 20 years of painful endometriosis!

There have been many more physical and emotional issues that Ann has helped me clear over the past ten years and I am forever grateful that I was introduced to her, as is my husband and the several friends who Ann has also helped."

I would love to feature your story. Share your experience and how this has changed your life and assisting you as you move forward. From the OLD to the NEW and what that means for you.

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