Evolution in the Energy World

old books

It is interesting that when writing we have a tendency to use our own past collections of knowledge, sequences and behaviours that we have experienced. 

All we have ever experienced is with us NOW. And, our physical body shows us how we are coping with all of that. 

Over the past twenty years I have watched the etheric body 'come in' and become full within our physical body. And now I am aware of the higher levels that we have ever lived becoming full within us as well. Yes! More clearing - higher levels and higher realms of clearing. However - there is an end point!

When we first started to clear we were consciously living the physical, emotional and mental energies, while using the spiritual level to clear our body and guide our choices of action. We used PURE LIGHT and BEINGS OF LIGHT to teach us and assist us with our clearing.


Then a huge leap forwards as we entered the years of working to clear the family lines - the subconscious, unconscious and conscious influences (levels) that held us ransom until we finished clearing the lines of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers - at least 9 generations back.

Yes! We cleaned up what they would not, or could not manage to do. We focused on withdrawing the influences of those generations that had been passed down through the blood lines - the diseases and illnesses passed down through time. We chose to clear those!  - the new ones/children are so Light - they do not do well with the weight of unfinished business, especially mental and emotional. We used PURE LOVE to transcend the blame, pain and shame - and PURE SOURCE to remove those energies.


Then to the third set of three - where the highest levels hare showing us how we (can be) or are at one with all things and all we have created. We were definitely not ready for this at the earlier stages! Would you have accepted your part in all that is, and was?

At these highest levels - which I have labelled universal, angelic and archangel - we can accept everything that ever was and our part within that. Even taking too much to heart created a mental and emotional burden!  ACCEPTANCE is the key to all we have created. At this level we use PURE LOVE to dissolve and absorb those mental/emotional energies and have PURE SOURCE to remove the residual. This is so freeing!

We still check our energy and focus with simple clearing to hold us at these higher levels.

Will we still need to do this? Or, can we use our wisdom to view our choices, access our awareness and knowing, and keep opening to the fullness of who we are? That (to me) is the way to expand  How about you do both until you know who you are and can accept that with full understanding and peace?

children piggy backThe main reason I work the way I do is to have a lighter and an easier way for me to live life. I work to have an easier world for the new children to live in! My purpose it to teach the parents how to understand the energy and needs of these little ones - as different to the ones we were brought up with - and find ease in being of the Light and in Light. The children have a job too - to raise the energy of all around them and share joy in who they are.

Yes! I still love to work with everyone who comes. I work with their energy and find the cause -  'how and why' it is affecting their physical body making it uncomfortable/painful and ill. My work is to help you understand your energy, and with assistance and guidance clear and remove the energy that is not yours and no longer needed.

A lot to consider - a lot we have done and still some to do

Each day I ask for the wisdom to guide me in all I do....
Gratitude is showing acknowledgement
Living is listening to your knowing
Asking is wisdom

In Light
With Love