FEAR and it's hold over you

locked gate

FEAR! and the way it shuts you down...

You get to see this thing....FEAR...this energy now! You get to see it in it's role of powering over you and your life in the past. Yes - the past! FEAR is all about the  past. It is OLD! Why keep it? Why repeat it?

You have access to such an amazing levels of Light at the moment and in that is the ability to see 'things' more clearly and easily without the old reactions and response being able to put you into a downhill slide. In the past and still for some of you, that would see you disappearing out of the body and getting into more dis-array.

You have done the work... your old ways of creating and living mental and emotional energies are used less and less. You choose to love living in Light. (I still remember the joy of finding that I could live in Light and actually make it real). I have loved teaching you that and how to maintain that.

It has been interesting seeing more of you complete the family lines (OLD) of unfinished business and with that, finishing those associated life lessons and holding patterns which were limiting your growth. The finishing of these happened as we cleared the trauma from the glands and to understand how the glands held the trauma memory. So easy to hold still and stay in Light.

You have no need to allow trauma to hold power over the glands, the glandular system, or your life. Thank you to the NEW children showing us their glandular systems as they are born. This has automatically raised your energies to the same level as theirs. If you continue with their growth it will also reshape your life and manage everything in easier and more beautiful ways.

sick childIt is alarming seeing the children who getting ill at this time.  I see that they are working to get their parents clear from the memories and energy OLD and the associated mental and emotional patterns. They do this while trying to stay clear themselves. Sometimes the heaviness of the OLD and mental/emotional seems to overpower them too, and their Light. They do not cope.

NB:I still check (when I work) to see if the lines OLD are finished, so families have the freedom to move on in ease and Light.

The 'finishing' is easy to see - there will be no subconscious and unconscious levels/bodies  remaining with you.

You now get to live in your conscious and physical levels/bodies. These hold no energies OLD.

Exciting too, as now you/we learn how to create all over again! Living without the fear as a negative energy.

Oh Yes! Back to FEAR!

Use your awareness to understand this energy Then choose how you want to continue in this world. Do you have the freedom to choose - to design and create?  Are you ready?

This is the end of that amazing energy called FEAR designing your world. You have cowered under it's control and the power that you have given it through Time. However - You created it! So! You can remove it!

I know! Thank goodness!

FEAR has always blocked the TRUTH 

Living your FEAR in front of your TRUTH created what I call a 'struggle consciousness'. 

The work you have done to continue clearing emotional and mental energies and the weight of all of that has enabled you to live in your TRUTH again! 

Once you choose TRUTH, fear does not have hold on or over you.

In Light

With Love