GREAT NEWS for those who suffer from migraines

woman with shoulder pain

Most urgent requests this past week have been from females who have to put up with their energy shutting down due to their monthly cycle. 

Their notes include "I have:

  1. a migraine
  2. no energy, just pain
  3. poor memory
  4. not been able to stay in my body
  5. pain and tension in my lower body
  6. my 'belly' is swollen
  7. I am angry/depressed/frustrated"

....and more.


When the glandular system is controlled by a pattern of energy through time and beyond we need to be aware of the stages of the 'downhill slide'. This may be different for each of you. Let us take a common 'down slide'! 

The belly becomes swollen, the emotions start to fray, eating pattern changes, the head gets tight and 'dry'. Then the ovaries activate as you get closer to the start of your flow. Thank you - a migraine! Then of course everything about you becomes over-sensitive and pain takes over.

On a 'good' day, your energy 'should' be at least out to the tip of your fingers when you stretch your arms. It should go above your head and under your feet.  However when you have a migraine the first view I have is ......NO ENERGY ....except around the ovaries and sometimes at the doorway in time at the top of your forehead!

In the past the glands have been controlled by many 'outer' factors and influences including planetary cycles and positions, out of balance chakras, plus emotional and mental ways of managing difficult aspects of life. I call this Glandular system OLD!

The glandular system OLD has had a habit where - when one gland is uncomfortable/stressing/showing illness - all the glands 'drop' their own purpose and go to help!

This does not help the situation - at all!

I liken this to people who who get caught in other people's energy/business and then fall down themselves. Yep! we have all been there!

The first GREAT NEWS - this pattern does not continue when you are living from your central core. Each glands is doing the job it is supposed to do. AND, the glandular system can do a better job of strengthening your immune system and give you every chance to be healthy.

The work with the glands has changed considerably in the past four months and this change alone will help you to recognise and stop the 'downhill slide'.

Pain is the body telling you that you are out of balance and something needs to change. Most of you have been taught to 'kill' the pain....mmmmm ....The problem has been put to rest...but it is not removed! So a pattern is set up and The body takes that as the 'new' and ongoing normal. 

The second GREAT NEWS - this pattern can also be changed. The glands hold 'remembered pain' and the body holds the habit. The work with the glands has gifted me the understanding of how we can work with this and open to a life without pain OLD! 


Now, that head of yours!

Most people have used their Pituitary and Pineal glands as the main focus and feature centres for the mind and brain! These glands filtered the knowledge OLD as it flowed down through time to the present. What people have seen with their eyes and sight, along with the glands has set up the perceptions and confusion that has filled our mind and head. All of these aspects makes a migraine quite difficult to clear and recover from - so many aspects all lacking energy 

The third GREAT NEWS - develop a new pattern -----live through the core of who you are. You can feed every cell in the body at the same time. Nothing needs to 'shut down, or go on a 'downhill slide'. Every cell is alive. This is the flow of Pure Source and Pure Light and Pure Love together.

All of the glands can work in harmony, and yes, the systems work in harmony. Give yourself a chance to be ALL OF YOU!

The fourth GREAT NEWS and a bonus is about your Solar Plexus area/the feeling gathering area/the digestive system!

This is where the new Core is held! This Core opens as we finish our life lessons (held since birth). This Core is the Pure Centre of your own Pure Source energy! It does not come from above! It is YOU and about YOU! What ever we have held to us through this life time and for some... through many lifetimes...... needs to be released from all the glands and especially from this area. We just did not know who and what energy we held there! Each person has held situations and people differently. Let's add the family, education, culture, etc etc etc. Unravelling all of this may take time, or, you can just 'let go' and refuse to keep anything that is not you and not yours.

The fifth GREAT NEWS - with these patterns changing you start to feel calmer and at ease. You are nurtured and you will find that your digestive system starts to change in harmony with ALL OF WHO YOU ARE! You have to feel it/be aware of it to know it! 

There is so much more that accompanies this work - because you are all different there is no one recipe. Start making your 'never to shut down' habit a focus. Be healthy. 

relieved womanYou are amazing, especially when you can be .....


Yes! You have a part to play in all of this. This is your body! You can make the changes and open more to the truth of who you are.