Finishing the OLD - Living in the NOW

woman with shoulder pain


It is brilliant to see the shifts you have made over the past few weeks releasing the remnants of the subconscious (old family lines) as they have affected you through this life time! These were known as the 'life lessons' or repeated patterns of the 'OLD' again and again.

It was convenient to hold these 'lessons' at levels below the conscious until you were ready to recognise them for what they were and clear the related unconscious patterns as they showed in the physical. Examples could be irregular heartbeat when there is no medical cause, headaches where there is no medical cause, weight on hips or shoulders where there has been no injury. The list is so long. It is interesting that these and many more show as people get older! Energy creates energy, creates energy! 

For those of you who have these situations happening, start clearing the energy of the past and offload the burdens you have created and carried. Open to the beauty of you.

Living the NOW

sunlight through trees

It is fantastic to see how aware you have become, recognising the feeling and not treating it in any mental or emotional way but honouring it for what it has taught you and letting it go. Try not to objectify it - those mind labels take control and get in the way to an open flow of Light and Love. The bulk  of the 'OLD' has been cleared -  the real you has been uncovered and uplifted! 

Living in the NOW asks you to be totally physically present  - conscious and enjoying your choices and how you create your life.

Living in the NOW allows and requires you to create your life! You can do this by opening to your full creative capacity and making sure the heart is open to your full capacity too.

Living in the NOW opens you to the fullest you can be - fantastic to harvest this and create in the flow of Love that is you.

If you find that your energy is 'limited' i.e. you cannot sense the clarity, the lightness and joy go back to the beginning. You may have separated yourself and started thinking.

These points may help:

  1. clear any/all people and situations from your energy
  2. check your balance and clarity
  3. open your Mind to its full capacity
  4. open your Heart Core to the fullest it can be
  5. bring in your Pure Light
  6. bring in your Pure Source
  7. open your Pure Love

woman opening arms to light

KNOW IT! This energy is called QUANTUM!

QUANTUM opens from the minutest core to a full energy around you. There is nothing 'OLD' blocking. 

Those of you who have been following and keeping up with the shifts and changes as they have been shown, will see that this is what you have been working towards and it is all your doing - it is yours!

It is interesting to see that those of you who have grown up with 'life lessons' have a certain strength of experience and knowing what it is to change and to create. That knowing is your wisdom!

My concern is still there for some -

  • those who do not know who they are and how their energy can support the physical body in everything they do
  • those who have not been guided in HOW TO develop a sense of self responsibility and the security that can provide
  • those who rely on others to provide all for them and have no interest or practice in providing for themselves
  • those who have little idea as how to manage the rhythm of life e.g. do not understand that energy e.g. depressed is something they can clear for themselves when/if they are made aware of how they have created that problem and how to clear the energy associated. (Most depression is the heaviness of built up emotional and mental energy from situations 'unresolved'). 

Interesting Facts about the body and energy:

The only energy the body CARRIES is unfinished business, negativity, someone else's energy, situations of trauma/pain to name a few.

The body does not carry any positive energy! Positive energy was invented to balance the negative. If you don't create negative energy you have no need of positive! 

Instead - the body in its wisdom FLOWS with energy. LOVE, LIGHT, JOY, PEACE!

These energies can never be and have no need to be quantified. They are always in flow.

In Light

With Love