Live your AMAZING

christmas love

I am reminded again and again - as I remind you again and again:


You are amazing when you are living your own energy only

The compromise of people, situations and your subconscious and unconscious reactions to what you see and hear, create a dis-quiet that you often continue to live within your own life - 'thinking' it/they are real!

You may often be blocked by the daily busy-ness of the life and work you have created. That is a pressure that builds. In the 'old' days i.e. last century, you had frameworks and patterns that would hold and store the bulk of that... until you noticed what was happening in the physical. Then you paid attention to 'it'. Now that you have 'upgraded'  your levels and dimensions, you may find your awareness will show you when you are not in your own Pure Truth and Pure Light. 

Wearing energy that is not yours means that you will feel compromised and dis-located from the full truth of who you are. Remember to ask your Light Being team to clear all that is not yours... every day! Enjoy the difference.

clear flowing water

On your own you can:

1)  Listen with Love to other people and their stories honouring their amazing-ness

2)  Lift the energies and the weight that does not support that person so they can live their amazing-ness   

3) Honour and respect that others too can find their way through those situations and live their own amazing-ness

4)  Stay true to your own energy and clear all else, recognising the amazing-ness of all.

Remember to clear all Christmas energies OLD. Create a new and fresh energy of Love and Light to be there for you and those gathered around you. Enjoy all of your celebrations.

christmas love lightCheck to see that you have completed all that was opened for you during 2022. Check that there is no unfinished business with your family. This means that it s a beautiful opportunity to heal any angst that you may hold! You are the only one that holds your expressions whether they be judgement or Love. Which would you rather hold? Love or judgement? Gather those energies and give them to the Light. You can do that because YOU ARE AMAZING!  

Your future is now created by who you are in the now. It is full of the love and Light you are. Your future holds all of your wisdom, gifts and talents for you to access and use. Those of you who live from the centre of your Being will find the wealth of all of that everyday. - you respond with your knowing and awareness and then use the mind and brain to put all into action. The outcome then is shown in the physical. 

person beach reflected colours

 Reminders of your amazing self:

When you stand in your truth you automatically allow all others around you to stand in their truth.
They recognise their truth - you create the harmony

When you stand in your Love you allow all others to know they are valued.
They will always show their way - you respect their need to be who they are

When you stand in your Light you allow others to recognise who they are.
Their way is their wisdom - your way is yours.

When you stand in your flow you allow others to resonate with that.
They will show you who they are - acceptance is acknowledging who they are and who you are.

When you stand in your Pure Source energy you are feeding every cell in your body.
You are your own Light and Love and Being - you are living your amazing self.

Be amazing everyday - be you

In Light

With Love