Dancing brings changes! New Steps! New directions!

path nz

On March 23 I am moving my home base to New Zealand!

I know! Really!

This is all in the middle of many countries changing their time clocks and leaving daylight saving behind - or starting a new daylight saving period. 

For a challenging oeriod we have California changing and the Florida changing, New Zealand changing, states in Australia changing, and, I will be living in a different time zone!

New Zealand is three hours ahead of Queensland and then they drop off one hour on April 01.

Keep dancing and keep checking when you make a booking! I am hoping the booking system will recognise all of that!  We will see. I will be checking my world clock and you may find me checking that I have all of that correct.

checking time

You will find over the next two - three weeks I am taking time for a holiday/rest/shift and resettling.

This means that I will still be doing absent work but not face-to-face sessions. Bookings made now for after Easter -  starting Wednesday April 05 may need to be shifted due to time shifts. We will check all of that. Be patient. You can always contact me if you have any questions. I may not get to answer them all directly....however I will answer.

My phone numbers will be changing so email  or use the booking system - there is a place for conversations there. The information on the my website will reflect new phone number for Face Time etc ....so please check.

Can you also please check all of your contact details. I prefer to have both phone numbers and email contacts to allow for options to connect. Please also put your state and country. Thank you.

Payment options - You are mosat welcome to  pay direct into mu bank account. Many people do this now. If you wish to do this ...look for the options given when you pay. Use what suits you the best. PayPal will continue to be the main form of payment.

New Zealanders will have the option to come to a clinic space (when set up!)or continue to use Face Time or Skype.

Gratitude to Briar - my web designer and manager (with endless patience and great creativity) who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and who will help me manage all of these shifts.

I am excited about living in New Zealand. Where! I have not chosen a spot as yet! I am dancing ....... Hullo to my New Zealand family and friends! I will coming home on March 23/24! I will let you know my new telephone number and contact details as they are set up. 

YES! Watch this space!

In Light

With Love