Pepper Family update

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I am truly inspired when I read Jayne's story this month. There is not a lot for me to add. More about joy for James and his relationship with Jayne.

James now reaches for his mother's hand and holds it with Love as they walk together. He smiles. 

How beautiful for a child to have freedom from teaching their parents about who they are as a child and what their needs are. They can just be a child!

How beautiful for a mother to know they have listened, really listened and heard their child deep in the core of their Being. No more struggle in being a mother!

Reading this brings a softness and a knowing that we can all do that in all our relationships.

We are all more amazing than we realised.

Jayne's story

As parents, it is sometimes hard to really listen to our children and see that they have a lot to teach us, and not the other way around.

I've known for a long time (was hard to accept at first) that there was a lot I was not doing for myself (to take care of myself) to listen my body's messages (symptoms, thyroid, eczema, etc) that there was an underlying issue I needed to make changes for.

The birth of my son taught me a lot about my own needs, both physical and has been a long road with its challenges, but I am learning that often times just by listening to our children (not necessarily in what they say, but what their little bodies show us) that we can learn a lot.

With James, we've addressed a lot of healing through diet, but I finally realized that there's more to it than much of his issue was of what I (and others) have been putting on him energetically. Once I started really listening to him (what he's saying and showing me with his body)...we've finally had some major breakthroughs.

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A few weeks ago, there was an ice cream treat brought to school for the class to enjoy. Normally he would not be able to indulge with the rest if the kids, as the sugar, nuts, dairy would have been a no-no for him. With all the energy work we've been doing, keeping him clear, etc...he is much more relaxed in his body and not so reactive to foods. So the ice cream day was a big deal, to have the treat like everybody else.

The teacher understood he was included on that day, but well-meaningly gave him one of the allergy cups labeled 'Nut Free'...this also had different colored sprinkles than the others...which he noticed right away. He took it, but was inwardly sad. When I picked him up that day, he broke down the minute he got inside the car, sobbing on the floor at the injustice of being singled out and different yet again. he wasn't being spoiled or bratty ...just disappointed that something he'd built up in his head didn't end up the way he'd hoped.

I let him cry and just listened to his much grief, frustration (he is very hard on himself)...then turned to anger. I could tell he felt better getting everything out, and I was glad he felt safe enough to show me such vulnerability (normally his emotions would have come flying out at me in the form of rage first...this time it was grief first, followed later by anger).

young boy sunlightHe's changing, I'm changing. I notice he's being more honest with me as he sees me listening to him. There was an interesting point in the car episode...once he saw that I was truly listening and he'd released all that grief, he looked up at me in realization and almost 'ok now what should I do, how should I react, what's Mom looking for here...'. It's like he'd gotten out what he needed to, now let's see what Mom wants.

It was then that some anger started. He was mad at the teacher, mad at me, etc. this is the part I'm working on...communication about anger...what we should do when we are angry. It's okay to be angry, but what do we do with it...don't have to take it all in....just acknowledge what we are feeling, kick a ball or something, get it out, don't take it in and wear it.

He's teaching me, I'm teaching him. If it weren't for my kids, I'm not sure I would be seeing all these to be clear, how to stop all the old patterns/energy.