The Pepper Family

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When we first started with Ann our family was in a state of high tension/reaction.

James and I were both covered in eczema - especially James. Round red patches on his face, neck, arms, torso, legs .... literally everywhere. Being an aware sensitive person, he would react with crazy/wild behaviour, unable to calm down or hear our directions. At night he would be waking and screaming. This was frequent. He was 'unreachable'  - beyond our ability to wake him. It was as if he was in a sleep trance and screaming. We later saw that James was more reactionary if he went to sleep carrying/wearing anyone else's energy - school friends, class happenings, his father, our family members plus any and all energies they were carrying - Gosh, no wonder he could not manage! I now clear all the family at night, making sure we are in our own energy only. And YES! James rarely wakes and if he does, he is very ready to hug and cuddle and be soothed back into sleep.

At the same time certain 'triggers' would send me out of my own body and I would be dizzy. I would spend a lot of days dizzy, in a fog, finding it hard to connect/be present with the kids - just going through the motions of my day instead of enjoying my life. There were also the 'nauseous days' where I would take on other people's emotional energy into my gut and suffer the consequences.

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After months of clearing energies (not my own) and learning how to keep myself clear, I now realise that most people carry energies thinking it is 'normal'. It is not! Everyone's energy vibrates to their own truth and story. The friction happens when we take on board energies that are not our own truth.

Over the time we have worked with Ann we have noticed a huge shift in our kids - especially James' behaviour and skin! He no longer reacts to most of the foods we had kept from him. He can have gluten /corn/sugar in moderation (at birthday parties etc) and not break out in hives. 

James is less reactive as he is not carrying the heavy load(s) of others. Nor is he mirroring me when I became reactive. He is more knowing of who he is and does nt carry me.

Things are not perfect by any means - we still have eczema to clear on his legs - making it very uncomfortable for him. This energy usually shows after school which is where he tries to hide his reactions and holds them within until he can offload/share at home. He is a much happier boy and I am aware that when there is interference from other people, that his energy becomes scrambled. I can clear the energy quickly and watch him shift so rapidly into a much happier boy.

The biggest change for ME, is that 'I do not go off', or, 'live in a fog'. My overall aches and pains including back and shoulders are gone! Whenever anything comes in I feel it immediately (as opposed to just believing I had shoulder tension and did nothing about it except to have a massage). Instead of just doing the clearing for me, Ann has been a very patient teacher in showing me HOW to clear + remain in my own energy + pointing out old ways that were keeping me from being my full self. I can look after myself now!

For a long time, I wondered if I would ever get to this point, to a place of so much change + self/family progress. It is truly wonderful and has been a tremendous amount of work for me + especially for Ann who knew what changes were possible and helped guide me to the success of allowing myself to be more loving  to myself ..... and everyone else! 

There is more space in our daily family life - especially after clearing out the old family lines.

The old beliefs, values, ethics, principles and expectations etc were so overbearing and not part of the family we are building for ourselves. This was especially challenging in shifting the relationship with my mother. This relationship, and also the one with my father, and my reactions to their dis harmony, was the major cause of my own eczema which I had developed as a child. I became everything my parents went through and I wore it all! It was not  mine! The shift has been difficult -  seeing the cause so clearly. I tried to help but could not change the attitudes and beliefs of others. I have had to let all of that go and become myself. It is important for my children and their health and wellbeing, and for us as a family.

It was so important to let go the old ways, and not see the world through other people's lenses. Living our life our way is beautiful. We love each other. We respect each other and know we will work our way forward. Our children are calmer because I have changed. I no longer live through my head because my body was so uncomfortable. I am less re-acationary, the old attitudes have gone. I have learned how to listen and not solve other people's problems! 

My eczema has changed in the way it presents. I find my hands and feet are very quick to show when something comes up - the outer extremities! The main challenge lies in staying out of old habits and out of my head. My symptoms worsen very quickly if I create and get the slightest bit  mental or emotional. I find that now, I am not a victim or a martyr to the condition. Neither is James!

We have made new choices. Our choice is to live in the present and not hold an energy that is not our own.

We are enjoying the outcomes and growing in who we are - amazing people with beautiful Light. 

The Pepper family


This is the last post from the Pepper family. I thank the whole family for taking part in our work together to unravel a condition that still affects so many people. The tendency for this condition may be with you -  it is how you choose to live with it that makes the difference. Choose Light - Choose Love. xxxxx  Ann