My new word 'SELFING' emerged as the shift of the new moon showed. The pressure/weight that came in with that shift caused many people to 'dropout ' of their own energy and felt a great loss.

This is not a 'true loss'. It is a weighted-ness of energies (usually mental) that is old - not even created in the NOW. When this happens we get to feel that old weight and lift it up and off .... to the Light!

That weighted-ness forced us to go deeper within self - however if we are not living from our Heart Centre Core there seems to be nothing to find. That is not true. Your Joy, Your Love and Your Beauty as your self is there. The weight may have covered it - it is still there.

flower open to lightLiving from the 'Inner Self' shows us a wealth of energy that is always there. It never disappears and it never changes like the outer world energy does. This 'self' feeds us  with that inner knowing that we are more than just okay.  We are opening and growing. In fact the balancing of Light and Love in that Heart Core feeds us with every breath.

Thus ....SELFING .... (quite different to selfies!)

SELFING is for you to do every day....and as often as you like! Freedom!

GREET your INNER SELF!...."Good morning Dear One. Thank you for reminding me who I really am. Please help me be aware of you all day in everything I do."

LOVE your INNER SELF....." I love that I feel so alive. I am you and you are me."

LAUGH out loud....."I feel my Joy every time I laugh out loud."

KNOW that you are your INNER SELF.

Make up many more SELFING reminders to suit you and your life. This is very different from being positive to balance the negative. This is a True reminder of who we are and our intent to live that. Go ahead and have some fun with SELFING!