Using your knowing

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Knowing is the energy that comes from your true centre!

No! Not the heart - the heart is the organ that looks after all of the major systems of the body. You may have constantly put all of your relationships and relationship energy on and in there - compromising the purpose and action(s) of the heart and body.

The centre of the full truth of who you are is in the centre of your sternum area and opens 360 degrees. It stays open until you become so head dominated that the weight of the head over-rides your knowing and becomes painful and then all about...

  • What I want - and then using the MIND (not your full Knowing) to refer to the past to cope with and copy ways of OLD
  • What I need - and then problem solve to get it

Then you add to that what other people want and need until you lose the understanding of who you are and how to flow with all of who you are.

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You may not be aware - when you open your true energy capacity you are opening YOUR channel of Light. This Light flows through the whole body...until it meets 'something' you have hidden or stored, or, what belongs to someone else. 

Sometimes your Light sweeps 'these' through your energy. When the weight becomes too heavy it forces the Light to go around the blockage and the rule of "energy creates energy" means that eventually your physical body is compromised.

The most common three ways of holding energies that are not true to you:

1. In the Solar Plexus (receiving basket of mental/emotional)

This area, for young ones, becomes the most overloaded area causing all sorts of 'sore tummies', nausea, vomiting, swollen bellies, and even diarrhoea. Children and adults continue to mirror or copy what others show to build or grow an understanding of what other people want from them. The physical outcomes are many and are specific to habits built up and continued. The body then takes all of this as normal and at that time most people refer to the medical system(s) to get help.

girl looking sad

2. In the Lungs (to carry the sense of grief)

This area also shows you carrying the weight of your head and the expressions of grief as you have seen in family and society - usually from loss and sadness. Sometimes you may sense other people's sadness and take 'it on' for yourself. Your body will try to show you by difficulty breathing and often coughing.

These patterns of (again mental and emotional) reactions continue until we realise that grief is not Love. Grief comes from negative response patterns learnt very young!

3. In the Joints (carrying other people and their situations)

It is always easy to see why people carry other people! The habits started when people became ill, came home broken from wars, became upset etc etc. AND children always copied their parents and grandparents in their younger years. The females could be found on the left shoulder and males on the right shoulder. Then the issues could be found on the hips. AND, when that gets too heavy - the weight falls over the knees etc etc. The past weight is usually found on a person's back and the present on the front. 

All of these situations then become labelled as physical medical 'problems' and many ways are used to manage. 

child carrying bag

The 'new' children are more highly evolved and are more sensitive. They have 'trouble' (earlier than we did) trying to manage the body as it becomes overloaded. They need you to help them understand what is happening and that these situations and energies are usually not theirs! 

Most physical problems have been 'growing' from a young age due to the energies taken on.

ENERGY that is not truth can be recognised early e.g. with the symptoms that have shown. They are not comfortable and cause pain to the physical body. 

It is much easier to 'listen to your body' and find the truth of the matter for you. Then clear the energy that has created the disquiet/pain by changing your awareness. 

YES! This does mean letting go the opportunity to be emotional and mental - that is not your business!

YES! it does mean living from your knowing in your own energy - and minding your own business!

That is perfect! 

Be happy with all of who you are!