Policy to Change Appointments

This Policy is to clarify changing an appointment day/time.

All appointments can be changed.

When an appointment is made there will be a confirmation/receipt forwarded to you.

When I make the appointment for you at your request - you will receive and Invoice and upon payment receive a receipt.

I live in New Zealand and work across time zones. I ask that appointments be rescheduled up to 38 hours before the appointment made eg California is 19 hours behind New Zealand! That allows me to fill the space made by a reschedule and everyone benefit when and when possible.

When you need to 'cancel' due to an urgent situation(s) I change to do face-to-face work as an absent session and send a report upon request. This work is in-depth. (Please note some people choose this type of work as their first choice as they feel the changes made.)

You may reschedule for your own convenience - the system will let me know. 

If you choose to cancel there will be:

1) an exchange rate fee (according to your country)

2) bank system fee of  $50.00NZ

3) a $50.00NZ fee if I am unable to have someone take your time. 

Please contact me via email, ann@energyhealinggym.com, or, vCita if you have any questions.  

Thank you