A Joy-Filled Life

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You are a Star!

You have navigated the 'world of self' to emerge as a whole and 'new self', empty of the 'old' heaviness that has been associated with the past century or two.

This has taken commitment and  inner awareness - you have that!

This has taken focus and knowing - you have that!.

This means you are developing new practices of awareness and simple ways of rebalancing when needed - Acceptance, Harmony and Grace.

This means you are accepting that you have a life and it is always there to wrap around you guiding you in all your choices - ease and grace

This means that your Inner and Outer world becomes ONE and you can live your JOY every day. Joy was never lost to you! It may have been buried underneath a lot of old situations and challenges. It was always there. Go into your heart centre and pull it out to the front. Feel it and live it! Beautiful!

christmas lights treeLighten your life with the colours that nurture and support you, the sounds that harmonise with your heart and the beauty of opening your full core to embrace all of who you are and live every moment through it. It is you! You are you!  Love it!

Everyone can use the the new energy. It is not limited. It is there for all to choose. It is energy of Light. It has no weight. It is not affected by time or space. It is all in itself as you are all in yourself. Using it can become fun.... we did not get an instruction book. How we know it is working or not working is when you make a conscious choice and allow all to fall into place.

When we step outside that, maybe because of the 'old I want anyway' it may show to be limited or difficult. Making our life easy is our guide. Flow when it is easy. Stop and review when it is hard and look to where your attitudes of old stepped in and re-awoke 'old remembered pain'. These habits can be changed!  

The work of this year past has been very fast. We seem to just finish one chapter of the past and the next aspect was there to unfold, accept as it was and give to the Light. 

People often asked why is there still more for me to do - a simple answer. What we created eg mental and emotional, needs to be uncreated, so the flow of energy throughout every lifetime is able to be absorbed in the NOW. I call this the new! 

The new for us is a time where we are looked after by the Light Beings. The heaviness of others, of situations, of old stories can be shifted with the help of your own Light Beings. This gives us so much more time to relax, have fun and choose our life going forward.

christmas gift2

When are you on your pathway? Ask for help if you feel blocked or held back by the past. The days of impact will be Dec 12 (full moon)  of course Dec 25 (as it is an old celebratory time) and finishing the spiral of the year before Dec 31. (anything unfinished will show) allowing us to be free and move into 2017 with freshness and ease.

Because you are you and because we have walked part of our journeys together I have a gift for you!

My gift to you - Are you aware that every Christmas you have had, becomes a collective energy of the past combined with the present. The spiral continues on its upward motion bringing forward all that needs to be.  I consider it a joy to collect all of the old energy - the so-called good/ bad and the ugly, in all it's forms - and bind it to the Light. Then ask for Pure Light-Pure Love to create a sphere of the Highest energy possible for the purpose of Grace and Gratitude, Joy and Light and when it is filled give that to your Light Beings to look after. You can use it  in all your preparations by 'bringing it down around you and then on the day of celebrations bring it down around where ever your celebrations are and enjoy everything!