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Our love of animals and their love for us

Koney the German Shepherd passed with assisted help just after the birth of baby Maxwell. Read More »

Customer Story - Living Things

A few months ago I offered to babysit two goldfish and a dwarf frog while their family was moving. Read More »

Past memories and their build up in the body

After we met I slept for two hours, then that night I had another big sleep. Read More »

Customer Story - Work Life

Having Ann Turton work with me and my energy has been quite an enlightening experience. Physically and emotionally I feel lighter, and I have grown more accepting of my own self. Read More »

Customer Story - Endometriosis

Making me smile this month is this wonderful story, published with approval by SH, New Zealand. Read More »

Pepper Family update

I am truly inspired when I read Jayne's story this month. There is not a lot for me to add. More about joy for James and his relationship with Jayne.

Read More »

Overwhelm - When do you know you have got there?

I watch mothers with young children go into that state of "I need to keep everything going." and "I need to do, be there and get it right." Read More »

Navigating the Way

How does a family navigate the way forward for adults and children with skin conditions such as eczema.

Mostly, one situation and day at a time!

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Pepper Family - The first two reports from Ann and Jayne

Jayne and James had visited many helpful people over the years. She had changed the whole eating plan for the household, off gluten, sugar, using creams and other applications.......still nothing... Read More »

The Pepper Family

I would like to introduce you to the Pepper family. This amazing young family has given me permission (vetted of course) to write about their growth and changes and publish... Read More »

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