New Options for Absent Sessions and Emergency Requests

emergency healing work

Let's look at this first with an awareness of asking for an Absent Session outside my noted working hours.

First response is to bathe yourself in Pure Light and wait. Allow your body to let go and give yourself time to check your well-being and safety.  Then ask your Light Beings to support, heal, re-balance etc. Some people respond well to colour and some sound. You can also ask on behalf of others! True Source energy only! Always do what is needed to support you.

Then get some one to text or email to get my attention. You will always be responded to straight away. This means that the energy around  you is changed immediately to clear, support, protect and reconnect you to your True Source energy. Without that we have no energy to expand and feed the whole body. We want to bypass trauma and move forward doing what is needed and with as little copied old mental/emotional energy as possible. 

The addition of the Absent Emergency session requesting payment is that my outside work hours is just like yours! For me to activate healing means me stopping what I am doing to attend to urgent needs. I will always respond energetically immediately, and, if you want the work to encompass healing I will do that with payment requested.

Weekend emergencies have increased/doubled over the past few weeks. Often these requests could be left to the weekdays so please ask within yourself of the priority for you. If absent work is needed please ask! I will do the work as absent and give full focus to your needs.


There are some of you who have regular sessions e.g. each week/2 weeks. There is no charge to you due to the ongoing work already in place. These situations are often about shock or trauma creating anxiety and where people leave their body and cannot get back. Ongoing learning and growing is different to an Emergency.

People who book ahead in 4- 5 week blocks will not be charged for emergency work.

Other requests for Absent Healing: 

  1. when people are to have an operation and want the theatre, rooms, people cleared and the energy set for high levels of protection and success
  2. recovery from operations
  3. enjoy a session while they are relaxing in silence
  4. cannot or do not have media in particular places eg holiday
  5. travelling and still want the energy cleared and lifted
  6. buildings and work place, roads where accidents have taken place
  7. businesses
    or, for any other reason you might choose.

Please contact me if you have any questions about Absent Work.