ACCEPTANCE is still the first step

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Acceptance - a review....

Acceptance is about being able to accept the truth of who you are - the physical reality of what we have lived and become. From that point you can change everything you choose to change - in every present moment. The present moment is clear - an open space - it will show you what you have around you to clear but in the centre of that is the True You - your Self.

The discussions/question and answer sessions about Pain were very interesting. It became an amazing focus for people to accept themselves exactly as they were, join together to raise their energies, providing great questions to consider and adding valued insights from their own experiences for the benefit of all.  

In that short time allocated - those involved accepted a healing and just glowed! Read the client story sent in this week!

Everyone agreed - accepting PAIN from the past was/is the hardest to clear. PAIN from this lifetime alone - let alone bringing in family line energies/lessons unfinished they we had no conscious awareness of and yet the subconscious and unconscious were 'loaded'.

These aspects are so important because we have the past/present/future all around us, and have had all year. This energy has got tighter and tighter around the body showing itself as pain in the present. 

The first three months of this year (Jan - Mar) were about clearing the head/mind/brain/mental overpowering each person that has been built up over time. Another way to express that is that "The mind has built itself up to the position of being 'in-charge of everything' and has overpowered the person themselves". These months were dedicated to getting back to the Self being in charge.

The body and its way of holding OLD stories and history past has become a huge problem to families and to society itself - showing  itself through illnesses and  disease. This has had people looking to using drugs and medication to help quieten the mind, to help the body sleep, to help shut out the memory/ies. The body starts to shut down when it's intelligence is overlooked and the pain ignored. The body begins to show what is weighing it down and where we have hidden our disquiet.

Clearing the 'overpowering' aspects of the mind/head/brain/mental took courage and persistence. Never allowing the mind to get to that place again is a commitment. Taking charge of your own life is the challenge.
Are you up to it? Or will you allow the old mind to take over your life again and again? 

The last three months (April - June) were about offloading all the past as it was held in the physical body - where the body became the storage facility of all unfinished business - yours and the families. An example of this is where the large intestine has held the old stories, the pain/blame/shame etc etc  and in the more mature years this has become physical causing physical blockages in many forms.

You can change any old practised negative ways left in your awareness and set about designing new ways - allowing you to be more of who you truly are.

You are moving into more awareness and acceptance of who you really are. You have worked for this. You have cleared and each time you have cleared you have 'opened'. The old mind is not given permission to block anything. The opportunities are opening and you start moving forward with more ease and delight. I see this with so many of you. I know how hard you have worked to accept everything as it was and use these starting points to move forward without the angst of the past.

Life completely changes now that the head and body have been given their true value  - YOU are in charge of your physical self! YOU are the Director! You are the one who knows YOU! 

YOU take the lead.

The energy of acceptance has always been with YOU.

To change anything you need to first accept the way you have done things in the  past- review what it is important now for you - no judgement required. Acceptance is the doorway to change direction, to change anything at all.

Behind acceptance is a lifetime of trying to get what you wanted / needed / desired - as best we could! What would happen if you could stop still and ...

1) STOP the mind's reaction and look at the situation without the head mind and brain giving you perceptions all based on the past.

2) ALLOW yourself to open the possibilities and sit with those giving you more options. Then you can expand the mind for you to follow those to points of action or disregard.

3) CHOOSE what it is that you know you need and move forward to - 

            a) HOW you may achieve that.

            b) FLOW with clear focus and ease and

            c) ACCEPT the outcomes as they show.

You may wish to take it all to an even higher level. As I have showed many  of you - use the higher levels of energy and possibility to power your choice(s). Acceptance is the start of everything you do.

If your 'acceptance' becomes non acceptance - look at the blockage and see where that comes from. It will probably be centred in the past and still held in the physical body. The mind and old perceptions may be the biggest blockage you will ever meet.

positive outlookHarmony will be the energy that opens from acceptance. Stop and wait until harmony shows. Acceptance and harmony together are such a great base and a recipe for success. 

And with success you become the Gratitude!

Gratitude for you being you.

These three keys result in higher levels of Light, Love and Joy.

Take time to celebrate YOU.