reaching out

We will always 'battle' when we use mental/emotional energy.

It has been so noticeable over the past few weeks that people are battling with their mind... the feeling of 'losing' themselves to some 'thing' which dictates who they are... whether it be true, whether it is a 'put upon', or a flick of a memory 'old'. If you react with mental / emotional you are caught!

This is become a battle because (supposedly) there needs to be a winner.  This is a self (a created part of you) - one that supposed to guide you and your choices. How can you take charge again of your own mind?

As Light Beings, you have had the opportunity to live from an inner centre of Light using your own Pure Source, Pure Light, and Truth to guide your choices and live the outcomes. Did you give your power to the mind to do that for you, or, has it (mind) just taken over?


I suggest you take a good look at the battle! The battle is and has been about stopping the mind(self) from taking control over each thought and idea and converting it into a problem. This mind(self) was driven from experiences both negative and positive. This mind (self) helped us manage the physical/outer body - the wants, needs, problem solving, fear, and negative repeated memory. However what does that make you now? Are you happy with the you that you have become?

This mind(self) repeats and forms patterns for the body to learn and practise, often on a daily basis. The body then takes over and proves your doubt, shows your negative memory, limits the possibilities that you know at another level that you would have achieved. 

The society you have grown up in has helped set up the base and built the patterns on which you allowed the mind to take control and at some point to hold your power.

These basic controls which I label - ethics, values, beliefs, morals and principles - have guided you to live in a civilised society/religion(s)/family(ies)/education(s)/relationship(s)/ to be able to manage an existence in which you may find measured success(es) etc etc and then try to keep going and going... but going where and what for? What has life meant for you?

Who would you be if you lived the full truth of who you are? You would need to show your amazing-ness! Do you do that now? Could you do that? 

The biggest influences for our need to grow/change are shown to us by the children. Why? They show us their needs.

children piggy backYou are moving into an unrecorded and unprecedented future with young ones who are different to you. These young 'masters' are totally amazing - however a lot of people try to change who they are! They cannot be changed from the purpose they have come in to live. Their role is to change the world where we have not been able to do. Their world is so different. 

children playing2The new children are born fully encompassed by Love and Light and live it. They do not live directly from their head/ mind. They live from their centre of truth, Love and Light  and breathe through the whole of the body and head (opening 360 degrees) which gives them a huge capacity of mind and brain, health and well being and and the capacity to love regardless of all else.

This battle you have, can become a simple transition. Don't make it a mountain! It will happen. Let go of the mind's way of holding power and control over you. Become more of who you are.

The battle is finished when you take charge of your mind. 

Then.. you design your mind to be free of thinking. Design it as an 'open table' on which you place all the 'ingredients' for what you want to create. You put that together and shape it, and reshape it if necessary, until it becomes so worthwhile you own it and you choose to live it.

colourful light

You create your own magic.

The battle is finished when you are free to live from the centre of who you are and create in ease, grace and gratitude. 

There are many more parts aligned to this article that I haven't referred to or written about. This article is to ask you to stop living a mind dominated existence. My invitation is for you to live using Pure Love and Pure Light. Create your world while living the joy of who you are. 

 A very wise person once told me to...

"Stay connected to your own True Source energy. Everything you do needs to be for the children. They are our focus for the future".

A long article and overdue. Thank you for reading 

Love the change!