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What is the new energy and how do you know who you are in the new energy?

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The new energy is energy without the weight of the past! It has no negative resonation and does not support any mental or emotional reactions or choices. The new energy harmonises our inner and outer worlds and allows us to be ourself.

The new energy is free from the lessons of the past lines of Grandmothers and Grandfathers learning. We have completed those lines of learning. This new freedom is great for the new children - light and clear.

The new energy is there for us to create with and use in all we do. This high vibration has no trail or trace of 'dis'. It is there to create more harmony and ease.

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This new energy is there for those who have dropped off the old values, ethics, morals, beliefs and principles, not because they were wrong but because they were old. You can make new ones but make them your own with your own new energy.

This new energy is there for those of you who are still clearing old patterns of reactions ie mental and emotional.

This new energy is there for those whose life is controlled by the head and mind. It is there for everyone.

You know who are in the new energy because:

  • you are light in your own energy
  • you use words and language which have no negative impact
  • your inner and outer worlds harmonise
  • your clarity guides your choices
  • there is no pain, blame or shame underpinning your movement forward
  • there is an open-ness that is with you all the time


Oh yes, and the energies such as fear, anxiety, doubt have lost their power over you because you know who you are.