Restructure of Services and Fees

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Services and fees for clients (excepting New Zealand and Australian clients) will be reset from Monday January 29, 2018. 

Sessions changes include:

New International Clients

The time will remain at 90 minutes. The structure will remain at 30 minutes absent work and 60 minutes online.

I find I get to clear so much before/after the actual sessions and know how valuable this is to all.

The fee will be $230.00AUD

New Zealand and Australian clients may ask for their fee structure.

Return Clients

Options will remain at 90 minutes or 55 minutes.
The 90 minute session is best utilised with questions from you for the pre/post work. 

Let me know your questions - ask me to work with your energy -  situations, relationships, property etc. You can be as broad or specific as you like.

Sometimes I get to work after the session for situations that have come up in the work.  You may wish to direct this work yourself. The online work is excellent to work through situations and for you to see the changes as they occur.

The fee for this work is $230.00AUD

55 Minute Sessions and Absent Sessions

The 55 minute sessions are great for ongoing work eg weekly/fortnightly etc We work to clear present situations  - physical, emotional/mental, past etc etc assisting you move forward with ease.
These sessions are also available as an absent session. I have found that sometimes the request(s) made for absent work are often overloaded and do not get completed in the 30 minute time. 
If you chose this session as an absent session I am happy to write a report of the work completed.

The fee for this work is $175.00AUD

New Zealand and Australian clients may ask for their fee structure.

Emergency Sessions

Due to the changes above the previously named Absent Sessions will be changed to Emergency Absent Sessions.
Emergency requests will be responded to immediately on any day.

This session will be (approximately) 35 minutes. If a longer time is required the work will be completed as needed.

The fee will be $95.00AUD

This session is best followed up with another session of choice to clear the origin/cause of the situation. There is no written report for this work. If a follow up session is chosen within the week I will disount the total fee by $20.00.

Please write any questions you may have
Thank you 
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