CONGRATULATIONS - a Huge Year - a Joyful Completion

merry christmas bauble

Gratitude to you for sharing 2018 with me. 

Thank you for sharing your Light, your life and your expansion with me. I have loved showing you more ways to appreciate the truth of who you are and watch how that has enhanced your energy, your health and well being.

Every time you have let go of the OLD (influences) you have changed your life and your world. The biggest changes have come this year from 'not using' emotional and mental energies as a genuine way of expressing ourselves. And, living from a wholeness instead of a collection of separated parts is so energising and so much easier.

Sometimes it is helpful to look at your physical body and the physical world - one you can touch. Then consider the energy world you have created and presently live in. See how one influences the other. It is so much easier to live in the physical world without creating mental and emotional energy which will always fall back on you ...... and then you have to wear it and the weight associated! Thank goodness we do not have to do that to get what we want.....even though we all will have tried.... from time to time! Or a lot! 

Christmas can become a very physical world - gatherings, celebrations, time alone, gifting etc. Remember who you are and how much easier it is to do that with kindness, truth and Love.

christmas jasmine2

I have had a great time clearing out the Christmases energies OLD - these I call "the good, the bad and the ugly".
Create an energy bubble and gather into it all the energies OLD and the associated weight. Bind that to the Light - continue being you - that amazing person that you are! Then create a new bubble and ask that that be filled with Pure Love and Pure Light to enhance your festivities. Give it to the Light Beings to Look after...AND expand for you! 

Thank you for teaching me to expand and find the ways to assist you and your families. Thank you for asking me to be there with you. 

You are your own greatest Self! Enjoy that.

I wish you all a joy and Love filled festive season and completion of 2018 in what ever way you are choosing to do this. My gift from the earth this year as part of Christmas, is a scented flowering Star Jasmine. Such a delight to fill the house with and enjoy.

Beauty Love and Light in all you do.

Thank you