Copying habits from our parents and family

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Copying habits from our parents and family has created a challenging field of energy which kept us holding-on for much of our life time. Time to clear this!

Copy! Copying - how has that affected me and my life and of course my energy and my body?

By the time you have grown into an adult copying has become a major part of your body memory. Copying would have started when we were still in the womb.  We were there at birth to take on the whole experience especially our mother's experience(s). She is your major life guide! 

Soooo if your mother managed well physically/emotionally and mentally well you will have an easier pathway through. If the bulk of energy was mental/emotional then the examples you got would be with you until you consciously STOP and look at what habits you copied and then (of course) make new ones to suit you and your life.

These situations did not change the Love exchanged and built up between parents and babies. However it did set up how we would form relationships with males and females throughout  our life..... until we STOP review, keep what is truth, Light and Love and create a relationship energy that is strong and is able to grow with all situations presented. If your relationships were based on 'getting what you want' then your resultant behaviours would start to show more negative reactions - until you learned that love has nothing to do with 'getting what you want'!

Watch a baby - they will cry to get fed, a different cry for nappies to be changed, a different cry when they are carrying other parents and people's energies. Baby are healers - they gather to them what is not Light and Love to clear it. If they are overloaded they will show that in so many ways.

 elephant familyRelationships and our style of relationships are easier to change ..... until the point of a more permanent relationship or marriage. The only ones to copy here were your parents. And Yes! People who were adopted can also be copying a person they never knew. What is not cleared and rebalanced is still there ...energetically. I call this a part of the MAC truck that people carry and then don't know why sickness/disease has taken over as they get older.

We have always had the family lines of our mother's and fathers from back through time.  We evolve these into the higher vibrations until we can each know our own truth and use Pure Light and Pure Love in all aspects of our life. That has been a greater pressure in this lifetime 'encouraging' us all to prepare for the NEW children to come....and yes they are here now! 

The younger generations (20 - 35) show us more and more clearly that any mental and emotional energies do not vibrate comfortably for them.  This energy makes them pull away and often sees them  withdraw leading adults think there is something 'wrong'. The only way to prove this is to stop all passive/aggressive behaviours and mental/emotional responses learned from the adults in your own life and watch how the whole household changes.  Then look to the affects of your own upbringing and undo all the threads of the OLD and how you have continued those and create new relationships based on a more true Light and Love.

This is not judgement. It is an awareness to lighten the load that people often carry each day 'trying' to do well, but the weight pulls energy down. Energy creates energy, creates energy.

There will always be unfinished business coming up in our life to sort. Covering it up (pretending) dumping it on others (tantrums) medication/drugs (hiding) does not help. The situation(s) will rise again until it is sorted.

Accepting reality as it was (smile) is such an important part. We are not judging our parents. They too were part of even heavier energies war/disease/depression/societal expectations. We are all growing and evolving and can only do this if we are prepared to be truthful to ourself (without pain, blame and shame) acknowledge and accept, let go and shape our own life with choices and ease.

Congratulations to those of you who have been part of the past few weeks of clearing OLD mind/mental and the associated habits holding in the brain. It was not easy. 

When the pressure and energies 'came in' at the weekend (most surrounding family), I realised that many people would be challenged to go to deeper levels to dismantle the OLD energies of 'past' family. It is much easier clearing Great Grandmothers and Great Grandfathers. This work is much easier to do when we know  the habits of our parents, what we took on and what are our lessons surroundings these.

It was interesting to see that within 2hrs of that energy shift/ change in pressure at the weekend, that there were six requests for absent healing and emergency help.

A Gift:
Remember that the weight on your back will be an indicator that you are carrying something/someone. Lift that off first and open your energy. That will make it quicker and easier to clear.

Remember to make sure you are in your own True Source energy and then ask your Light Beings to help. Do it yourself with their help until you KNOW that the work is done. If  it doesn't are not clear.

Go back to the beginning. Check your shoulders and head, belly and heart. Then flow with your own energy through your spine. Ask for help!