CREATE the life you want

compass direction

The work you have done to continue clearing emotional and mental energies and the associated weight has enabled you to live in your TRUTH again! 

Once you choose TRUTH, fear does not have hold on or over you.

Make a choice - TRUTH or FEAR 

View your fear as an addiction. All addictive tendencies are based in fear and that fear has continued through time.

Everyday the mental told the brain and the brain showed it (fear), to the body and the body re-opened to the memory that was set up so long ago. That energy...yes ENERGY then showed through it's companions eg anxiety, panic, victim, trauma, etc, etc, etc. Those energies have continued to shape  many lives through Time. 

That way of living needs to STOP!

The work 'we' have done with the glands and through the glandular system to remove the trauma memory takes away the power of fear. Fear has been an influencer for soooo long! It is interesting to me, that Pure Love removes the hold of fear over you.

You get to re-teach the body how to live after the negative memory has been identified and removed. 

The body needs to live under your direction for all you choose ie not under the power of the mind. You can safely open to more of who you are. You don't need to allow the fear to be the starter energy any longer. Call it out!  You will have another 'good' friend that will take first place - TRUTH.

TRUTH will replace fear.

You can access more Light and live without the hold of fear though time. Time linked the past and the future allowing this so called energy of fear to dominate.  The mind then created the 'mental' and that has held many ransom and committed us to lifetimes of living the dis-at-ease-ment . Everything that you have ever lived and ever was, is in the NOW.  That is why fear appears  to get worse. This is not true...Fear has become its own collective. We can clear is still just energy - energy you do not want.

The NOW shows me that you have opened enough, cleared enough, to now meet  FEAR  and remove it from your NOW.  A big claim! This is often best done in support from another person. They can hold the energy strong while you allow the changes. A challenge? Yes! but not difficult.

It is just an energy. Energy can be changed. Energy can be removed.

You can teach the brain to stop opening the fear energy on a regular and daily basis, We stopped and cleared the Trauma Memory and Remembered Pain from 're-opening memories' OLD everyday. 

road signsYou are the change maker. You can do this.

You may choose to keep fear with you as a 'direction changer'. You may choose it to be with you as a 'friend'. It can be recreated as a safety will even protect us as we need it!

TRUTH is easy when it is not compromised by energies OLD. TRUTH is clear and clean and you need this clarity to create what you want and how you want to live. You can use this clarity for the mind to help you create - all new!. You want your mind and brain to be able to focus and help manifest your ideas into a physical reality. You are the creator - not the follower. 

TRUTH is your conscious energy body. Your TRUTH steps in to help set up the energy for what you are going to create and manifest in your physical body and in your physical world. The creating comes from the inside of you to the outside world. It is your creation. It is from you. It is you.

Now let's get into the centre of your whole energy and start CREATING from there.

create sign

First things first - KNOW WHAT YOU WANT

Get used to knowing through your own awareness what is TRUTH for you.  Rename it. Speak it out loud. Say it looking in the mirror. KNOW the TRUTH of this.

TRUTH is not a 'mind version'. It is the whole of you knowing what is right for you.

Then when you feel ready and you know and live that awareness in you .....MAKE A CHOICE

Once you are living the Light and Joy of your choice OWN IT

Your mind will love you for that! Your mind will wait to be directed by you. It needs to have you as the CREATOR

You will be aware of your activated senses as you use all of you in your creation. You will recognise the joy and the excitement of what and how you are doing this.

The ease of seeing fear in the TRUTH of 'what it once was' will now become easer for you. You can recognise it. You can own it...fear has no hold over you. Fear may possibly help guide you. It will not stop your ability to choose and act on your choices. 

Would you like me to continue to expand on the way you can use your energy to CREATE what you want and how that supports the truth of who you are and the purpose you may have at the higher levels?

Let me know.

In Light

With Love