Creating using your own Light

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Definition of old way of creating

The way of creating/using the mind / heart because we / people wanted something. This focus was more on the outer more physical worldly ways to get something we felt we wanted /needed/greeded. 

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Creating what we wanted - pushing striving struggling and then having to wear the weight of it - emotional / mental. Paying the price beyond what we ever intended.

Definition of the new Light way of creating

Creating using  the new Light energy first to  check if what is being asked for is for your True and Highest Good. Being specific in as many aspects as as you wish. Then give it to YOUR LIGHT BEINGS to bring into the physical reality. This is the way of the Inner. There is no mental or emotional energy or weight associated, for it is in line with your life. 

Be careful what you ask for......are you confident enough in you own ability to create from within, or do you just go to the "I want - I will have"

In the old days

I remember from my earlier days in New Zealand when a young man asked for help to be a millionaire. He said he had a lot of money but wanted to be a millionaire - within a month!

I also remember saying to him..."when you add 'a time' to your intent you bring in all the lessons/aspects you would need to learn into that short length of time. It may happen automatically over a longer period if you allow." 

He continued to remain resolute - "one month"

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Five days later he rang to ask for me to take off what I had done! He felt heavy! Sick in the stomach! Stuck in his head! Couldn't see clearly! - all emotional mental weight of the mind's creation.

I let him know that I had done nothing! He had asked and he himself had brought in all he needed to learn to get/become what he wanted. He never asked if 'it' was appropriate for his True and Highest Good at that time! It was all about money.

Have a look at how/what you have created. Have you been really conscious about what you have asked for / created? How much has you mind had control over you? How have you copied the patterns of your parents/families?

Are you the creator of your world? Can you create from your Inner Self and watch this area of your life unfold with ease and acceptance, harmony and gratitude? 

If you would like help looking at the influences that have blocked this area in your life make a time to go deeper and find new and easier ways to do this.

Your life wrapped around you is your guide. Your Light Beings are your helpers and workers for your True and Highest Good. Ask them - they would love to be asked. You are not alone and there is no need to 

Consider asking/learning how to create your world using new Light energy. learn to create your dream

And enjoy being YOU