Customer Story - Relationships


"We had been working on releasing/ changing our own values, beliefs, principles, ethics, morals etc when the obvious opened so clearly! The next step that needed to be taken was to clear the family generations past of all the affects of 'old' beliefs and values etc, etc - passed down through my Mother's Mothers, Mother Fathers, Father's Fathers and Father's Mothers.

I remembered how our great grandparents/grandparents grew up through the depression and war(s)....and resulting shift in how we managed life - so much to contend with in that time and the leftovers passed on through the very areas we were working with! Amazing!

It was huge seeing the amount of energy holding in those living in the present! Seeing the built up rights and wrongs etc etc of religions/institutions/families/groups/corporations etc etc etc. This work was ongoing over several days and I got lighter and lighter my joy opening to the simple ways of being in the present.

Thank goodness I did not stop! I kept going and seeing life as an opportunity at all levels. Thank goodness the new energy has none of the (although it is easily seen in some). I do not choose to bring forward any of the old energy - linear and heavy. No old! No weight!

I felt the changes in my body systems - nervous, mental, skeletal, reproductive. I saw myself as the starting point and the ending point for all I do. How much easier it is without the 'old' ways demanding my constant attention.

I see how relationships might the without the personally-held old beliefs, values, ethics, morals, attitudes and principles. It is so much easier to stay present, to stay balanced, and more aware. My awareness is clearer and I can consciously talk to people understanding how all of these old energies have continued to affect people without them even knowing or being aware. I trust myself and who I am in every present moment.


I don't know how far out I would have gone of my body (and kept going!) if Ann had not been there to help me clear all of the things that made me feel uncomfortable. She has helped me to stay in my own body and deal with all in the present reality. That is so good.

I am more relaxed about being around people. I do not pick up their discomforts as much. And add to that supermarkets, airports, pubs/hotels, conferences, family gatherings, and also shopping centres.

I have a clearer picture of what life is what we create every day. And I love it!"

Olivia, New Zealand