Customer Story - Work Life

positive outlook

Having Ann Turton work with me and my energy has been quite an enlightening experience. Physically and emotionally I feel lighter, and I have grown more accepting of my own self. 

I originally contacted Ann after my physical therapist suggested she might be able to help me with some back and leg pain I was feeling. It ended up being caused in part by my work life and a relationship in my office that was getting more intense and complicated as the months wore on. I was not able to leave my job at the time, and Ann helped me endure my time there, and dispel the energy that was making me emotionally and physically ill. She gave me exercises to balance and buffer myself that got me through some very rough days and weeks. 

When I came to the decision to resign it was quite easy to move on and the transition was almost seamless. I have the feeling that it might have taken much longer and been more psychically painful without Ann Turton’s support and guidance. I am grateful to have been introduced to her and I have recommended her and to a many of my like-minded friends. 

- Denise