Be The Magician With Your Own Questions


Getting answers from your questions is akin to being a magician - the inner and outer work together -  the flow will bring the magical (best) outcome! 

A magician has had to practise and practise to bring all of this together, to streamline the way and the order of movements to get the desired result. A magician stays focused, balanced and very clear. 

Questions are about shaping the words and phrases to open a pathways to the answer(s). This is the outer you which we add to our inner self. Where we ask the words from eg core, heart, mind, head gives us the origin of intent. Coming from the mind may give you a mind answer. Coming from your heart may give you a heart-felt answer. Coming from your core ie the centre of your heart/mind/body/soul will harmonise your inner and outer selves. All aspects come together and allows for the answer/response to show. The outcome then becomes how you 'deal' with that answer. I will elaborate further and show a process that may be helpful to you!

relaxing circle

I am lucky. I had an amazing teacher who taught me the true value of questions. This started when I asked a question and got a comment instead of an answer. I asked 'why' I did not get the full answer - the reply I received was "When you ask a clear and specific question from the centre of  you, you will get a clear and specific answer." Another question  "How do I do that?" and another,  "How can I make that work for me?"


  • staying connected to your own True Source energy 
  • staying present in your own energy only - be clear of other people and situations
  • staying centred in your core - so you are not dominated by the mind and adding emotional and mental energies
  • being as full as possible in your energy ie from top to toe and stretched fingertip to tip

In the past we looked for "Yes" or "No" answers. Now, in the 'new' energy we can have an answer that is open and more comprehensive. Now, we come from the Inner Self and bring that out into the outer self.

The best questions are about YOU as your energy is your knowing. 

The biggest hurdles we have, are about being controlled by time and mind. These set people up to try and work with multiple situations that are happening all at the same time. This state of multiplicity will block answers ..... your energy will be feeding outwards to all these areas at the same time. How can the answer come back easily and clearly to you? It is all outer!

Copy the magician! Focus on one outcome and work from the inner to the outer. This will guide the shaping of the questions and the flow of the answers.

You may have heard this phrase "You hold all of your own answers." or "You already know the answer to that."  

This is true! However, have you ever learned to tap into that Inner Self and know it as YOU? 

IMPORTANT HINTS to start, develop and use your questions to support your choices and your knowing.

a)Use a CLEAR AND QUIET SPACE and start by clearing all that is not you. Know that you are in your own energy only.  Have nothing occupying or 'driving your mind' as this can confuse  the question and alter the flow. It may be a challenge  to get out of your head!  Be free of negative attitudes and/or even positive ones - they influence the clarity of who you are.

b) KNOW YOUR QUESTION - keep it short and focused in one area only. (at a time). Say it out loud to hear the words, the phrasing and be aware of the intent you are using.

c) TAKE YOUR QUESTION to the Inner core of yourself and hold it there. Repeat your question and listen to your body and know your sense of awareness to the answer. A lot of people will know the answer even before the question is finished. NB:It is important not to go to your mind alone in your listening. The mind will interpret and give it's own answer. 

d) STOP - LISTEN TO THE ANSWER - try not to interpret it. Feel it spread through your body as an awareness. 

e) ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF - you have asked a question at the inner core of yourself. Now, through your own energy flow you have brought the answer to your outer awareness. This is like having your Inner Self always with you as your best friend. You Inner Self works together with your outer/physical self to have your own answers.  

You will build an amazing strength and awareness of yourself in thios quiet and clear way. You become your own magician. The inner and outer will work in harmony together.