The Evolution of human kind in Light - Part 3

women reflecting at window

Some considerations for you:
Stand in your world at this time and bring all of who you are into two simple sentences.
Say "I am all of whom I can be".
Then say "I am living all of whom I can be".

Say these sentences out loud and listen to the vibration(s). You will find that each of these statement may feel different. Hopefully that gives you inspiration to look deeper.

There is more of you ready to open! Yes, open!

This is for you, dear Light Being, and your family.

Do you Love you?
Can you own the following attributes as part of you?

heart outlinesDo you:

  • accept reality as it is?
  • have gratitude for who you have become?
  • change anything you need to change?
  • ask for help when you need?
  • clear your energy of all that is not yours?
  • live consciously with Love and Light?
  • know that these energies feed you and fill you?
  • live from your core?
  • be the best you can be on any day?
  • know that kindness is who you are?
  • know that you have all you need?
  • know that it is time to open more of who you are?

You have many more attributes and I encourage you to identify and know these. 

There are many ways to view yourself. Going within is one of the best. That way you can bypass the mind and the heart and go to the core/centre of yourself . There you ask to open to view more of you. Then go deeper and if necessary go deeper again. Stay with what shows....sometimes you may be shown aspects of yourself in a symbolic way e.g. as an eagle ........ to be able to view situations with the eye of an eagle and use that talent and those gifts in all you do. 

Maybe you will find yourself surrounded  by water....... showing your capacity to flow with all as it is .....or, maybe you resist the flow and fight that?

woman writingYou may have many other ways of viewing yourself. Please take the time to do this.  Identify these gifts and talents. Own them, write them down and over the next two weeks add to them. 

At this present time we each have the opportunity to set our own guidelines as we prepare to come out and into our new world.

You can be full of Light and live the Love that you know you are.

Can you see the benefits of using this time to revise, to drop off what you no longer need and open more of the truth of who you are? Let go everything you no longer need - give all to the Light. When you know more of who you are, you will be ready and be able to make clearer choices.

You will be living your acceptance.
You will be living your harmony.
You will be living your gratitude.         

You will be living your kindness.
You will be living your creativity.
You will be living your beauty.

You will be living your knowing.
You will be living your strength.
You will be living your joy.   

You will be all of who you are - how exciting is that?

Live your Love

Live your Light