Gifts For You

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Given that you know who you are as a Light Being means that you know your energy is constantly moving to support you and what you are doing in every moment.

women eating sandwich

Your physical body is always in change too, managing how we eat, walk and talk and the myriad of other things we do everyday.

We are constantly interacting with people and nature and animals and looking to love and care for those around us.

It sounds like a 'huge job'!

It is a huge job and is made easier when all falls into place!

So... how do we do  that? How do we manage to go with the flow and know what to do and when. It seems easier when we have a timetable to guide us where to put our focus. You know you may need to STOP and take more care of you and your needs.

rustic stop sign

What would happen if you STOP at some point each day and check up on how you are managing and enhance and expand your own energy.

Many of you are already lifting the weight of the emotional and mental energies and binding them to the Light. You may be walking and self talking, or just taking space to breathe.

I would like to gift you a couple more 'ideas' to add to your options.

 1. Draw a circle on the floor or ground with the diameter being wider than you can stretch your arms. Stand still and wait until your arms lift themselves upwards as your energy opens from the centre point of who you are. You can do this at any time!

NB: If this does not work, you will find you are not in your Pure Source energy only. You will need to make sure you are not 'caught in your head'. You will need to make sure you are not compromised by another person and their 'wants/needs'.

2. Interlink your fingertips at the back of your neck. Open you hands outwards and you will feel as though you are lifting an energy off head(s) and face(s). Do this several times. This will help open your senses and your awareness. You will not feel as tired!

NB: If this does not work, you may have shrunk your channel of energy  -  you may need to 'open your capacity' i.e. hands by your ears and open them outwards... slowly until you are aware of being lighter.

hands flower

Using your hands is a great way to become more aware of what is happening without going to your head. You don't want to think! Remember - thinking shrinks your energy!

You want to 'know'!

Have a happy and fun holiday period

Always in Love and Light