Higher Consciousness For All - it is just a choice

women open heart

It is always exciting when I get to write!

Sharing with you - through the Higher Consciousness - allows me to put into words what is happening to us as Light Beings at this time and what that means in the physical reality for each of us.

I have been aware and have been made aware of the energies of 'beyond' as they have brought us closer to Oneness within our self and within our world. 

Most of you have lived these energies before and now you can bring those energies, talents and gifts to the whole of who you are! 

By we, I mean all of those who are from here and from beyond...those who have lived the ancient and tribal, those who are galactic, those who are from other universes, other worlds and star systems. In seeing many awakening to higher levels and frequencies had me ask - "Where are you from?"  and the interesting responses when people say.... "I am not originally from here!  I have somehow come from a different place(s). I know that!" and then "Really!?!"

man stars

Light Beings have always had purpose being here. 

We know that!

As children we did just that! We lived Light and flowed with Love. We have worked to raise the vibrations of our families and those around us. Some of us diverted to just living the outer world-way until we got to that point that we knew we could not do that any more...... and get away with that.

We have worked to finish the learnings and lessons of the family and family lines! Mmmmm. At times we fell into the trap of becoming part of all of that. We are not supposed to be ill! We do not need to copy anything! We need to be Light and use Light to support others....not carry and become them! We are able to live Light and be Love without being affected by the energy around us.

We know who we are!

We have no need for positive or negative. We only need positive if we have created the negative.

We own our Light. We share Light. We are Love....you don't have to give love....you just need to live it! It is a flow and is always with us and with all. Our whole world changes as the Higher vibrations open within us. Our whole body changes. Our whole self changes.

At times this is uncomfortable - however, that is only for a short time. Maybe 20 seconds! (I watched "We Bought a Zoo" with a seven year old - the phrase was about having courage for 20 seconds - and using those 20 seconds to change! I like it!). Do that and breathe consciously through the core. Watch the fear disappear and the courage and strength rise. Sense the trust that goes with that!  Whenever we ask to be more of our true self, our higher levels of consciousness opens to us. Use those 20 seconds!

man on tightrope

This is an amazing time for being aware of how you are creating your world. There is a huge awareness of freedom when we are creating. We get to travel with an ides and bring it into a physical reality. We need to be physical to do that! 

Living the whole of self in the physical was often a challenge. Coming through these weeks of openings - no challenge! Just excitement! It is all possible. We have done the work! Now we can play!

Many people live in the physical world as a physical person and are quite happy doing so. Many people do so in balance and many do not! Many people use emotional and mental ways of getting what they need/want. 

We do not have an option to do this. We live from our core and come outwards from our core. This is a way to use head, heart, mind and body together in creating and making our choices. We choose knowing to guide our actions. The core is our guidance system in all that we do.

In the 'olden days' e.g. last century - we were activated from a feeling system centred in the stomach and digestive areas. As Light Beings, (full of feeling) we got so overloaded with these feelings and concerns of others that those physical systems would break down and show in different ways, e.g. acid build-up, bulimia, anorexia, indigestion, nausea etc etc etc. These were all indications of overwhelm and overload in our 'feeling centre'. The problem was that in living that energy for a long period of time - it all became physical and once it became physical we had to 'treat it' that way. Thank goodness we are passing out of that phase of pain, blame and shame. Being sensitive with little understanding was no fun, especially for Light Beings! And, we were always sensitives!

We have all learned to turn those sensitivities into our strengths ..... knowing has helped turn those attitudes and opinions around.

In the physical self - it has been so exciting being shown how to leave the learning body as part of the past and move into the fullness of self. This has meant working with the glandular system and starting with the pituitary and pineal energies OLD, to get an ease for the physical body and mind........I see hope (for the first time - and I have been asking for years!) to be able to work to keep the neural pathways to the brain flowing and to learn how to do that. We need our brain/mind/body/heart and core all working together in harmony...... just as we need the whole world to be prepared to do this too.

Make the commitment to you to be all of who you are and to live that with acceptance in harmony and gratitude.

Enjoy the freedom that brings and then share that with the world.

Your truth is Light and Love...and why would you need anything else!

Being your full self is the opportunity.

Love it