Keep Dancing

keep dancing

It is time for the learning body to leave! Finished! Completed! Going! Gone!

The learning body has been an 'activator' which has had us on our toes as we navigated the way forward with the lessons we came in to grow through and become the person we are NOW!   

Changing our energy from mental/emotional-weighted base creations, heavy with the outcomes of our past and into a creative base of  Light and Love has been filled with many challenges. But who really wants to keep the practices OLD based in pain, blame and shame? No one I know! People know, you know within your self, that a energy weighted body is rarely a healthy one.

Over the past two weeks it has been a joy guiding the 'dropping off' of the OLD and owning a new Light Body energy which is based in the NOW. It is full of possibilities and opening into a way of creating with freedom! Having conscious choice about all we do.

The final part of the completion showed itself through the opening from restrictions OLD - from Tribal and Ancient times -  where the hierarchy/ies were the dominated way of life! I Know! This showed in many ways through personal and family relationships, where accepting that there was only one way -  dominance showing as male - female, and/or, female - male. These all need to shift! Time for each person now to know their own self fully, and, in that is the beginning of the dance with possibilities  - moving forward with grace and ease.

NOW we CAN live with and through the heart core of ourselves open and include the mind, body and soul in wholeness and joy. We know we will each have a wealth of steps to create our new dance moves. We know we can create our world of healthy bodies, healthy relationships and be part of loving communities around us. We know through our awareness that we are supported.

supporting hands

This is the first time I have ever seen the physical body being supported and balanced with all organs and systems finishing energy OLD and opening in to the energy of Light and Love at a different level. (Remember that for a long time I have been saying that no matter what, we need to flow with our beautiful Source created energy and take care of our own physical energy and body.) NOW these are fully connected and each supports the other along with the heart and soul.

Our heart space is the centre of who we is not all there is - however with that open to encompass all of us we cannot help but be the Light of who we have always been....we could not all get there with ease..... some of those lessons, especially care for others and care for self, plus the feel for others were such difficult lessons to stay balanced with, REMEMBER! WE have no need toncarry the people or the situations of which we were a part.

I am still seeing children copy their parents and wearing the weight on their back and shoulders, having digestive issues due to taking on the emotional and  mental energy of others in their solar plexus/digestive system. I see children with mental issues trying to live through their head (usually copying mum/dad) and having difficulties with friendships and learning. What happened to the ways of seeing children laugh and play and not carry the pressure of the adults. Working with families has been such a joy. This will be a work in progress as we change our ways OLD.  Everyone deserves to feel amazing!

child running free

I am loving seeing the children and babies become the teachers in the families. How? By showing us the energy NOW and what that is like to be free and use their own speed of development - some of that very different to 10 years ago. 

The first part of the new dance is to open a new spiral with no ties, no threads but an ever expanding flow. 

Where we used to have frameworks, patterns and matricies, NOW we have open flow centered in Love and Light. This is a centre of creativity that holds no time, no restrictions and no blockages! We will always have cause and effect! We need that as everything we choose will always support those around us. It is always for our True and Highest Good ...and for the True and Highest Good of all. Simple!

With the spiral ever expanding we can recognise those who are also of Light. Oh yes! I have found that I will have pain / discomfort if I get into thinking isolated from all of me.  When this happens we shrink! We become small again and the body will tell us straight away! Discomfort! Pain! Fantastic! We now own our body as an incredible knowing system, full of Light. We become full. We live more fully and open. 

colourful light

This new dance is one I can do.

I have been practising for a while and I know that I cannot answer for everyone. I allow myself to be me and in that I can enjoy the knowing, always creating from Light and Love.  And in the sharing of this we will create healthy relationships and communities.

This spiral opening dance is one everyone can take part in. Know yourself and dance your spiral NOW.

Let me know your experiences. The next part is to create with the possibilities this allows. More dancing. More fun.