Know who you are - and love it

solar eclipse

You have been working toward this shift - marked by the eclipse for so long -  emerging into more supportive Light energy than you have ever had access to and used. 

Here is a 'short' summary of what you have achieved over the past three years. Each of you can now look at who you have become.

You have moved out the old ways of a mental/emotional service-based existence leaving behind living the unbalanced and limited caring  energies, moving into ease of using Pure Light Pure Love in its place to create wellness.  

You have let go the mind-created physical weight of the 'old' ways of taking responsibility for the actions of others and wearing it until your body became it . You watched our elderly bend/break and become diseased with these energies carried for so long - they cared and did not know how or what to do to release those burdens. You now use such beautiful energy to stay as your Self and allow all to take place as it needs to be. 

Asking questions is a great place to start!  

colourful lightYou have moved from linear based frameworks of energy that were well compartmentalised to hold and contain feelings OLD, eventually creating illnesses and diseases. The spherical and Light based energy (shown to all by the 'new' children) works for you all as you move to wholeness and oneness. The whole body can now work in Light to bring and build acceptance, harmony and gratitude. Thank you to the children - you are the best teachers.

You have released the etheric body which was so helpful in holding the unfinished business of the mental and emotional energies created by the mind, now allowing you to live in awareness of who you really are.

You no longer create negative energies in your choices or use negative language to communicate with others - this allows the truth of who you are to be communicated with ease, and of course the Light and Love of who you are. 

You opened to the history of the families and tribes behind us all and cleared any and all unsolved debt of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers.

You went even further to clear the blood lines through time doing all you could to clear the need for disease and illness being passed down through the lines.

You let go the control of the mind using mental and emotional concoctions over the choices you made and have now taken charge of the mind/head/brain and in that you are each more able to respond in more active and loving ways.

You have let go the need to 'have to' become motivated and 'have to' become inspired before you did anything - you are now that energy in your Self and you are using that to expand the beautiful energy that you live.

love wellnessYou are letting go the need to create 'love' - You are Love! 

You have stopped living from the mind, living a 'problem solving approach to life' where you were set in giving and expanding proven suggestions and ideas to help people showing need. You are so much more than that! You now open to Self as the manager of your life - again in the fullness of Light in who who you are.

So ..... who are you now? Who am I? What does this question show us? How is your world changed?

For me - I find that there is daily more clarity and ease - the heart/mind/body/Soul Self is actually in harmony creating a sense of fullness not always there before. There is rarely separation caused by thinking ie the head, heart and mind working separately. There is Light. There is Truth. There is no need for other!

I find I am more allowing, more accepting of what is being shown on a daily basis.

I am more at one with the energy of land and earth - and I have always that a strong connection with energies of the earth. The meeting with this energy now is with more understanding of the earth shifts and how that affects us.

There is no 'have to' attitude that is created by the needs of others and time. Again, "This is what I choose to do today." and I ask The Light Beings that are with me, to access to all I need. 

light sunrise

There is a difference now when other Beings of Light (meaning people) connect with me - a smile, a softness, ease, a knowing.

I have chosen to start painting again - so different in this Light energy. I am yet to feel that full energy of Light in creating new through a medium of water colour and pastel. Watch this space.

Aside from these awarenesses - I have had to say "Farewell" to friends this past week - people who have finished their life. My sadness is with Love and Accpetance. It is enough to know that we will meet again.

The eclipse has been such a turning point for many people. Some have come into Joy and Love with ease. Many have activated into sickness and illness. The raising of our energy levels gradually (over the past three years) has made the shifts easier. I love the work I am asked to do. It has supported many people in their shifts and growth.

The focus of the 'work' I had been given has always been to guide people to let go and in doing so seeing them/you being gifted with more Light and Love of who you really are. 

The bonus of having great guidance and help with the healing aspects of the 'work' still astounds me! We must always remember that healing comes where it is needed - I/we cannot take over a person's life. We support it - Pure Love, Pure Light.

One point to finish on ....

We are present in the energy that we have become - we are that person.

What does that mean for you? Who are you?

I would love to have interest in Skype question and answer sessions re the shifts and changes. Contact me if you would like to be involved. 

 When we use/shift our Light to focus we see 'anew'.