Let's finish the year with Gratitude and Love

2021 on typewriter

I ask the highest frequencies of Gratitude and Love to be with you as we complete 2021 and our finishing of the energies 'OLD'.  That includes all negative/emotional/mental energies that have been seen or created and lived through Time and Time itself. Gift these to the Light! All of that goes. I ask that Light remove and cleanse and Love to heal through all time into the now.

I ask that Loves sees the end of  the aggressive tendencies that have opened and risen through the past year(s). Lift these to the Light and live the truth of who are truly are in every moment. 

I ask you to own the Light of who you are! If you have forgotten what that looks like - look at the babies and the 'new' children. They show you. They show all of us!

happy baby

Accept my Gratitude and Love for giving me the opportunities to reconnect you to the Highest Light frequencies that are here for you. They bring such ease and grace.

There have been so many openings this past calendar year. So many opportunities realising and accepting that we no longer need to live so-called life lessons. They were never yours - they 'slid' on through the trauma of the previous generation(s) and had us re-using multiple ways 'old' to cope. No Joy in that! 

All of that negated the knowing that you are of Light. I could see a whole new way of living when we were gifted the ways to upgrade the glands (2020) and remove negative memory and trauma memory. That upgrade did not stop there!  First the upgrade of the glandular system, then after removing negative memory (also through time) you were gifted the upgrade through the opening of the dimensions and frequencies. Thank you COSMOS.

cosmos energyYou used to live by taking 'things' and situations in through your senses and reflecting automatically to the past to have understanding of how to act/react. This 'old problem solving way' had most of you opening to trauma memory and remembered pain. This then held to you, so, again, you would be living through that energy (OLD) while trying to stay present. Such a contradiction to the truth of who you are.

You have completed 2021 by opening from the centre of who you are with Pure Love and Pure Light. Opening '360 degrees' at all times opens that fullness of who we are - an uplift each time you do this! This energy feeds every organ and every blood cell with every breath. That is life! That is your own healing energy. That allows you to create without basing your life on past memory.

You are not negating the OLD. You are recognising that we have evolved through the OLD and from the "OLD'. Those linear ways have been replaced by the spherical circular energy. 

pink purple oceanWe continue to love the earth, the mountains, the ocean and much much more. That does not change! What changes is how we live in balance and acceptance for all as it shows. You don't have to like it! Allow all to be. You are given the opportunity to live the new energy because the new children are already being born like this. They are Light and you need to teach them how to live in the physical world that we have created. You see their Love and their Light. 

Become like the children - they are here to teach us how to do that in Light and with Love. Teach them how to live in this physical world. Mentor the young ones who are showing us every day that they don't know how to do this. Show them the way with all of who you are!

When you are living Love consciously you stop taking 'stuff' in through the eyes, holding it (unconsciously) as part of you! When you breathe Love you will see out with Love.  When you are more aware of what your Love can do, you will automatically stop doubting yourself. You will use your words to communicate with your Light and your Love! Beautiful! 

Now you can/need to create your life being all of who you are - the physical body and energy body together.  

That YOU flows with your knowing, your knowledge and your wisdom. You are your truth. You are your talents and your gifts. That is what you have been bringing together in balance and harmony while offloading the heavier energies of the past. They were too heavy! 

You have brought purpose and Joy into my life. You have helped to keep me focused as you presented the ways that did not suit you any more and had me continuing to connect at higher frequencies and levels until we had all the understanding we needed to renew the energy and physical bodies. 

How amazing is that!

The biggest change I have seen in clearing the negative and the 'Old' memory is that you have let go the belief that mental and emotional energies are 'normal' energies. You have stepped away from those self-wrecking energies and stood in your own Light and Love! 

More than amazing! Magnificent!

Now you create the magic with all of who you are! 

Are you ready?

In Light

With Love