Live Life Itself

flower of life

Using life itself as your daily guide allows you to live more of your knowing.
It is very gentle and quite beautiful. 

It has been interesting to realise that for the past 30 years we have built on an awareness of feeling so that we could better understand the body and it’s needs.  This re-balanced a mind driven life in a mind driven world. We then started to use it to gain a deeper understanding of the wholeness of who we could be. 

Many people have done this through bringing forward the knowledge of the past, the wisdom of the earth and the growing knowledge of the galaxy, to bring health and well-being to life.

If you do want to know and live the next phase of growing your awareness then continue reading.


This next phase involves –

  1. Living in the present without the past or future overwhelming or affecting your life.
  2. Living KNOWING instead of feeling.
  3. Awareness of the unity of Heart, Mind, Body and Being.
  4. Awakening to the fullness of all chakras
  5. Living a full Heart…………..AND
  6. Living LOVE 

LOVE was/is such a mis-used label…...mostly for feelings…. which of course changed according to the physical existence we lived…. every day! Multiply 365 by the number of years you have lived and you may find that it changed every day according to how we saw ourselves / how others ‘saw us’ or ‘needed us’.

LOVE does not change – it always was and always will be – full. We can be the Love we are by uncovering ourselves. That is where my best work is…. guiding you through from the old ways to being you in the present.

The 'Old' Energy

The ‘old’ energy had you caught in the mind /feeling wheel. Going round and round and never finding the way out….until shock/trauma/illness found us and we were ‘forced’ to find another way. 

We realise that our health problems have grown from our continuous use of emotional and mental constructs/energies based on the perceptions of our mind based on culture/family/society and religions, education. Values, ethics, morals, principles and beliefs fed the attitudes we had practised since we were born and for some even before they were born. Phew! That is heavy! 

water colour personVery few people have even known that being healthy/well is their own responsibility. It does not belong to the medical profession. They are there to help us when the physical body needs physical intervention because it is too late to do anything else. 

Assisting people clear their past and what they/you have put into the future is what I call CLEARING.  HEALING is removing trauma/ origins of body breakdown. HEALING is rebuilding the physical body to have full flow of energy so the body can heal. 

I clear, and, teach people clearing and I give help with healing. 

Thank goodness for a new century, new energy, new beginnings and new possibilities. 

Once the body is rebuilt and re-balanced you can breathe Love and LIVE LIFE ITSELF. 

Changing from using the old modes of mental/emotional reactions to life, mental/emotional ways to overcome situations/relationships/problems etc. is such a relief. It is possible! There is Joy!  There is no risk! We do not need to re-create the old. This is your new reality. 

Once the past has gone you can breathe.
Then you can wrap life around you.

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