Live Your Love

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We are travelling a magnificent your life with conscious Love - your Love.

I would not have said that in the midst of clearing through those many levels and dimensions. It was challenging to our self, our families and our sense of who we thought we were.

As we finish the cycle for 2018 we are able to see how our life will progress and this is exciting!  We do not have to use emotional and mental energies to get what we want! We have a quietness that allows us to listen to others without problem solving. We can now use our eyes for seeing and not to create perceptions which weaken the 'truth' and often make our sight fuzzy. These changes alone, are based in a conscious Love, your Love. 

We can now expand our whole self and by doing that we can move in any direction and all directions. We are living and knowing who we are are and that is beautiful and exciting.

notebookI would love to see more of you using your own words and your own knowing when you are talking to others. You do not need to quote others and their words - you can use your wisdom. You do have all of you within you. You are not looking to put anything on anyone - you are expressing yourself in your own Love and Light.

Surprise yourself - keep a daily notebook of your knowing and wisdom i.e. have somewhere to write one inspiration per day  that comes from deep within you. You may find that doing this encourages you to paint/write poems/songs or other creations of Beauty and Love. 

You body may still be in change as the energies OLD are still offloading. When you get tired, ask the Living Life Force to give you another two hours of physical energy. Be aware of that. Know that at the end of those two hours the energy will change.

We are learning to ask for the energy appropriate for the task(s) at hand e.g. study, a long run, removal of heavy energy of others etc etc...and don't forget housework!

You can ask for sessions to help your planning for Christmas and holidays. Some of you will be missing loved ones and some of you may find your have too much time on your own. In doing this we clear energies OLD that can be very uncomfortable, and offload the weight associated.

You can have sessions to finish the year on a higher 'note'/level and move into next year with more ease and excitement. 

You can have sessions to offload the past and enhance your relationships - family, personal, work, business(es).

Love is an important energy - for years I have used Pure Source energy, Pure Light and Pure Love to make sure that I use the highest possible energies when working, and of course in my daily world. Recently that has changed.......

Now it is about using my Love, my Light. I know I am not weighted or loaded with energies of people and /or situations. Such a beautiful change. I am enjoying every minute being free of the/my learning body where there was a reminder most days of something that needed to be cleared/transcended/removed. The glandular system is also loving the change. We have all done so well managing the glands and working to keep balance and ease in the body. It is fantastic not needing to use the body as a storage system for unfinished business. All of those OLD ways can be left behind. Look out 2019!

Gifts of wisdom ......

heart outlines"and when the sun does not shine
let your Heart shine"

"giving your joy
giving your knowing
when your heart is on fire
you are amazing"

"open your wisdom by asking your mind to open
then give your mind a chance
to be at one with all - your heart and body"

"when you flow with a word
the whole world opens"