Simple Truth

pohutukawa flower

This is a photo of the Pohutukawa - New Zealand Christmas Tree, which grows in the North Island. The energy with this tree is so alive and abundant. We are so lucky to have that living energy and to feel it! In most parts of the world that living energy is everywhere - the trees, plants, birds, animals, mountains, fish, and in some places the earth itself offers that energy too. - all living creatures breathe and accept their own energy and what they do is simple truth...every moment .... every day. They live Simple Truth.

We too have our own beautiful energy that shaped by us and lived by us. We can also accept the full living energy of the natural world and put both together. How great is that! Simple Truth

Often human kind think it is only about the physical and how they feel as an individual!  Yes, you are unique and, yes you are a valuable part of the world's living energy. Again that is Simple Truth. 

Another Simple Truth is to talk to the living creatures/world/life. Many of us talk to our animals, trees etc - your indoor plants would love to talk to you. They probably do - how do you know? Stand or sit next to them...your energy will change! Ask a tree permission to share it's energy and lean on the trunk - what is your awareness? I remember the time when I asked the rose garden (which was to be removed) where it would like to share/gift that age old wisdom. I drove to a dear friend's property two hours north of Christchurch. I had put the pieces of plants and roses in the boot. They energy did not stay there very long at all. I turned around as I sensed a change as I started driving and saw the energy of the plant life on the back seat of the car. No boot was good enough for them. When I arrived the plants chose their place to add energy  - near a natural dam. Such a joy filled and fun experience.


The painting of 'Iris and Apple Blossoms'  10/17 painted by Ann, inspired by Joyce Blake (NZ) 

When trees (or plants) are to be pruned here I ask the trees to withdraw their energy within (or to the earth) until the work has finished. They may do it naturally - I let them know what is going to happen. Simple Truth - no emotion or mental attitude - Simple Truth.

Do you know how to live more consciously and harmoniously with these energies?

Here is a way to sense it for yourself. Clear to be in your energy only. Breathe down to your heart centre. Keep breathing - feel your head soften and the pressure relieved, plus, the weight of who/what you were carrying drop away. Stand (or sit) with you arms resting open at about your hip level and ask your body to show you your left/right balance (If your arms shift to one higher and one lower - ask your body to rebalance and feel the shift). Remember to drop your shoulders.

When you are ready ask for the Living Energy of the whole Universe to be around you and be at one with you and the natural living energy. Sense the difference - enjoy the beauty that brings to you. We can all do this with individual plants, animals etc.

Be the Light you are. Be the energy you can be. Simple Truth!

This is not a meditation. You are the living meditation like all living creatures. 

The recent work of becoming more aware of and living the Simple Truth - the opposite of Illusion - showed you where most of the present blockages were holding in the spine. Illusion is a building of the emotional/mental reactions to multiple situations through time. That illusion affects the present and has people continuing in the 'old' damaged ways. I do not know anyone who wants to do that. Those phobias and paranoia from old negative situations may have become a major part the/your illusionary world AND those experiences were/would be held in the spine - the 'old' truth carrier affecting your every day/world. That is not Simple Truth - that is pain!

Now you can live in awareness through the Heart centre with knowing.....and be aware of, and living that beautiful Living Energy that is around you all the time - harmony and gratitude abound. 

Illusion has been/is good friends with delusion and shows through confusion in the head/mind which may also result in a lack of confidence and build stress about your health and wellbeing especially for the future regarding memory. This is a blockage to being physically present in every moment and have a full conscious memory and awareness. This can happen when you 'go out of your own consciousness' and the physical energy becomes depleted. There is no, or little connection to the Living Energy. This not only affects your ability to breathe easily, it will have your body creating pain to get your attention. 

Stay connected and allow yourself to be full with the Living Energy that is all around us. This is Simple Truth.