Living Light - You are a Living Light

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Light Beings opening and working together is what my work is about!

"I am a Light Being"

"You are a Light Being"

A Light Being recognises their inner energy and lives that in harmony with their outer/physical body. 

Without the inner Being energy your physical body struggles. You are not using the full flow of your own true source energy to support all you do. You can have that flow. It is yours!

The inner energy allows you to 'know' in every moment! That knowing will always guide you with your truth. It resonates with you in a comfortable and 'easy' joyous way. It is not in competition with your mind - it informs your mind. You listen to your inner knowing as it supports all of who you are. You can even measure the truth of what you say as it has a beautiful resonance. 

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You listen and know! This informs your choices. This doesn't make you right or wrong. You become aware of your knowing. It is you.

New and young Light Beings have no need of caring and carrying in the 'old' ways. They Love anyway! 

The 'older' generations have found life more challenging to know their Light Being self as they were pressured / guided by the 'outer world'.

The 'older' generations evolved from the ways of family lines that were passed down to them... which I have labelled 'unfinished business'. These were the generations who lived world wars, overpowered other countries, religious tenets and beliefs, family and cultural ways, while accepting and developing the mind to bring to them what was supposedly important. Mind (control and power) became more important and more powerful than anything else that had ever come before. Science even proved it! The results showed in the physical world with that 'old' label of success attached to it! 

However the more powerful the mind became, the more power the mind held over the individual. This energy became the power of monopolies, corporates, religions, sects and families. Gradually people lost the ability to keep their own mind clear. This created more mental and emotional energies, more discomfort and a loss of their own knowing and balance. 

There were always many who lived away from these influences but still held and used their beliefs, ethics, morals and principles to inform the mind and set up society in a more understanding and comprehensive way(s).

running jumping in sunsetThen came the younger generations! Most of these young ones came in as full and open Light Beings  They are here to change the world. They live from a centre of Light and Love. Their energy often comes 'up against' what is not true for them. Their knowing does not come from learning 'life lessons' at all. They show already that they have knowledge, wisdom, clarity and all  with Light and Love!

There is no mental and emotional weight that holds within them. Most of these ones will not 'carry' parents or friends. They cannot do that. That is not their way!

They have no need to process to learn the truth of who they are! You know they don't like anger or other mental and emotional energies in the household... or at school.  They often arrive home wearing the heavy minds and heavy bodies of others over them. This constricts their flow and those energies often fragments their senses. When this happens they will pull into themselves and isolate to find comfort.

These young Light Beings may be musical, have clear expression at higher levels, athletic, musical and perceptive - a delight to be around. However they cannot fit the 'old ways' of living and learning. They may be more vulnerable and sensitive until they 'fully know' who they are. They may often find very few people around like them. They may struggle thinking they are not valued and recognised for who they truly are. Help them understand who they are.

child with light loveheartThey do not use TIME as a way to live. They need Light and Love. Those energies feed them and support them. When these energies are open they thrive! However this often provides challenges for parents. 

How do you know the capacity of who they are? How do you provide an education that expands their knowledge and awareness and opens them to the joy and truth of who they are?

In families that comes from open communication and listening at a deeper level.

How well do you know you? Most of these young ones are born to Light Being parents. I have worked with many parents who have changed their way(s) of looking at the world by looking at their children and their needs. All of my clients are Light Beings! I am the lucky one! I get to support people opening to their own Light Being self and living their own joy.

Our world may not be fully ready for these new full Light Beings! However - they are here!. Have we changed our views and understanding of life and the possibilities that are opening especially for these young ones. Can you be that amazing reflection for your own children and those around them and you.

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In my work I am that Light reflection of your Light Being Self. I invite your Light Being 'team' to be with you in every moment.  I have many Beings of Light who work with me in/on both the physical body and the energy body. I call on all of who I am when I work. My choice is to live all of who I am everyday and open to more of me as the need shows. I choose to live from the inner self and expand my energy '360 degrees' having all as one and in harmony.

As an aside.....I see no need for mental or emotional breakdowns or depression. To me 'that' is the weight of emotional and mental energy/ies OLD that have built up through life and time. 

Who wants that? Who needs that? 

You can work and live in Light... no need for mental or emotional and the weight of all of that. You feel the shift and changes to your energy as it happens. Light meets Light. The shifts take place. 

You, living your Light, lifts you out of 'struggle consciousness' and changes your frequencies to a more comfortable and 'easy' level/dimension for the physical body to heal and grow.

We all want to be in a place of growing and creating with ease and grace every day!

Know who you are. Live who you are.

This is what we want for these new Light ones. 

Light and Love