Looking After Your Physical Body - Part 2


I am seemingly going to contradict my introduction from the last post ..... "Do you know that your physical body knows how to look after itself?" 

So! Where do people look for a cause of a condition when "It seemed to appear from nowhere!"

There are several people who have become down/ill with sudden 'out of the blue' conditions - no warnings or changes to their awareness of themselves. People are saying that they have become bloated on several occasions over the past month or so, nauseous, sickly, pains and depression/old grief included. I wish to address these situations through a very different way

This year I have written about the past, present and future that has come 'in-around-us' and our sense of being more present in our self.  We have become more conscious that everything is here with us. We looked at that with amazement and became aware that we could live from awareness and the 'old feeling body' had finished it's hold over us. 


We worked through from self through family/ies, tribal, ancient and spiritual, clearing our own pathway through time. We cleared (with the Light Beings) what we could for family as well as ourself, knowing we are all in this together.

We did not realise that this also includes the energy from the lines of family back through time. 

Clearing these lines is done differently from how we cleared the blood lines of the Great Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  It is faster and lighter plus clears the current mental and emotional thought patterns we thought would never go!

This newer work has amazed me in many ways - it opened to see where the origin of the negative mental and emotional thought patterns came from. They came through time - through the family lines of the old - the subconscious. unconscious and conscious!

Doing this particular work for self and others showed me again and again, that no one would consciously choose to be angry and aggressive. No one I know, would consciously choose to be hurtful or depressed, to be abusive or harm another. These energies come from what went before us.

They are the subconscious and unconscious energies of previous experiences and situations resulting from trying to overcome and protect, escape and be safe! These come from the lessons and learnings, the experiences of those whom we call our great great grandparents and beyond. These come from the old beliefs, values, ethics, morals and principles as they were shared/changed and continued in families and societies through time. And in these we can see the old wars - the power of so many trying to get what they needed/wanted to survive/power over!

A big paragraph! Soooo important in supporting you looking at your life. The levels of subconscious, unconscious and conscious are levels we have lived and do live through without giving due attention or awareness ..... until something drastic happens and then we respond/react and our body follows that response.

It is almost like the reverse of how we have lived! When we had a feeling body we had time to get to know it. Illness and disease had time to grow and/or heal. Time was slower and we had time to reflect. Now it is different. Everything is present and these energies are not helpful or healthy.

The subconscious body will show the old family lines of Grandfathers and Grandmothers through time and the residual energies built from their old beliefs, values, ethics, morals and principles etc. People may have changed so much from their upbringing and have their own version now. However, they are still there for most people.  How can we change we when are under-pinned or under-mined with these old ways. These ways have impacted through time and people have changed as many as they/we could manage. What is still remaining and the impact of that/those through time still shows in the family lines through people's/our own subconscious - and for some this shows as illness and disease.

Thus opening to clear energies at the subconscious and unconscious levels became a priority. I have found that the clearing through these levels/bodies to be so fast  - almost immediate - from nauseous to clear, from anxious to calm and from heavy to light. Some of the energies affect more of the mind/mental and others the body/emotional. 


The older generations may still have a considerable amount of these energies. The newer generations have very little or none of these energies. They don't need as they do not have the subconscious and unconscious levels/bodies to clear. How lucky are they! Yeah!

It was interesting recently to see where people who have recently changed to owning and living their Light Being Self and Knowing all seem to have a certain amount of the subconscious and unconscious energies to clear. 

In one family where two of the four children were born of the same father and different mothers had subconscious and unconscious to clear. The second two children of these parents were born as full Light Beings had no subconscious or unconscious to clear. The mother has always been of Light and the father changed some time ago. 

There are many different combinations in  many families.

light sunrise

Generally, people who are Light do not get ill or sick - however, if  they are weighted down too heavily from clearing the lines of family back through  time and have taken on the behavioural patterns eg martyr or victim of the old,  there may be illnesses and incidents of sickness happening.

Please ask for help if you find these situations have been happening for you or in your family, and know that you all have Beings of Light who are there for you and many more who are there to assist us on our journey to Light.