Looking After Your Physical Body

eye vision

Your physical body has so much to offer you everyday. Did you know that your physical body knows how to look after itself?

I wonder how many of you stopped and re-read that - your body knows how to look after itself...... but does it? And, do we allow our body to do just that, or, is it a just holder of remembered pain and trauma from past physical/emotional/mental situations that is so full of old energies that it has forgotten how to be well? Have we made it a storage system of old feelings, stories all showing through pain?

What does your body tell you about itself and about you?

Here are two scenarios which may help you understand these questions.

Loss of Sight

The first is about a person (whom we will call Jo) who had a physical injury as a child (age 8). A hay bale fell off the farm truck while Jo and her dad were feeding cattle. It hit Jo on the back of her head and shoulders. All of the normal practices were followed with medical checks, parent supervision and care. Nothing seemed to be a problem. However Jo came to me in her in her early thirties after having loss of sight for small periods of time. Again all the health checks and procedures were followed with no 'physical' answers given but told it could be psychosomatic blindness (stress resulting from the trauma).

My checks of her energy found three major situations - 

1) The energies of Jo's head, neck and shoulders were not sitting in their correct positions and all in balance/relation to each other. Her head energy was fallen forward and twisted to the right resulting in a lack of energy to support the head and all that needs to happen there including sight and eyes.

2) The energy of the right eye was behind the right shoulder and the energy of the left eye was over the nose.

3) Headaches were a 'normal' part of Jo's life.

By going back to the age and time of the trauma I could see the resultant trauma to Jo's energy -  which had not been corrected that time - normally the body can repair itself and resets the energy within a short time and continues in the way it had always known. In this case the body had not corrected itself and in time started to show the symptoms mentioned.

We worked to re-teach the body of how it needed to be by working from an age of full balance before the trauma and up into the present time. At each age we checked for full correct positioning and holding of energy for each body/head and brought the full energy through. There were other times of trauma/accidents to the head/body which had been significant - this  can also be the body 'trying to correct' itself - however the 'corrections' were not made and headaches and times of blindness became 'normal'.

The follow up work with Jo has been to make sure that any new trauma to the body is cleared and the energy corrected as soon as possible. There have been no new times of blindness and no continuance of headaches. (Please be aware that the report here is a summary only and is not inclusive of all the work done.)

Physical Energy Correction

This second example of physical energy correction I have chosen to share was for a horse (we will call the horse Beau). I traveled with the owner of Beau (2nd owner) to watch the horse in it's movements - walk/canter/at pace. Beau was always pulling ahead and turning his head. This interfered with his performance - especially with dressage.


I watched and observed - then Beau was brought over to me (I am not a confident person on a horse but do know energy and how a horse is managing/dealing with energy). Beau's head energy was in front of himself. This caused a nervousness and stress to the whole of his body and of course affected his stance and stature.

Step one was to correct the energy and make sure the whole body accepted the correct positioning of energy. Then to take him back to his birth, correct the energy there and bring his corrected and full energy forward to the present time. Beau's energy settled and off he went with his trainer (who did not know what energy work had been done) to see what changes had been made and how Beau might show these. After approx 5 minute his trainer returned with Beau and asked what had happened? Beau was relaxed and easy to ride, no pulling. He felt great to ride! We all shared our joy and excitement with Beau and noticed that he was very happy to be around me - I accepted his nuzzling with ease. I did not need to work with Beau again! Happy Beau, happy owner and happy trainer.

Trauma can be cleared from the body and the correct positioning of energy re-housed with the correct body part. The body loves being in flow - an accident jolts the body energy away from it's correct place and positioning. Shocks resulting from bone breaks are the worst. The body will try to self correct but if the injury takes a long time to heal the body struggles and the body memory changes creating a new pattern/positioning that often becomes 'the new normal'. At the same time the brain and mind tries to shut down the remembered pain and the neural pathways are affected. 

water flow

The work is to focus on the body before it went into trauma/repeated trauma and work from a time of correct energy positioning and move forward re-teaching the body how it can and needs to be. At the same time we clear the emotional and mental response/reactions plus body trauma, clear the neural pathways with the person-affected becoming more and more responsible for managing the self correction, then teaching each person how to check and self correct.

It has been interesting working with James, age 5 (of the Pepper family fame). We started from before birth where he was already copying his mother and her body's way of showing it's trauma = ECZEMA. We rebuilt his body's energy to be clear - to be his energy only, so he could take better care of himself. James continues to have less and less reactions responses showing eczema. Jayne, James and the whole family are enjoying life more and more.

Knowing who we really are and how to look after our self is a benefit to all.

Your physical body really is an expression of who you are.

I will continue this type of article over the next few weeks showing you just how the conditions you show at 50 may be the result of what you have been building for a long time. This is so important for people who have taken trauma/damage through sport and find that the pain and impaired physical movement have them living on medication /drugs to help manage their life. It is very difficult to correct if left for too long  - but we ask .... "What can be done?", "How can this have a better outcome?", "What do I change to support my body?" 

Please send your questions, being as specific as you can be! My answers will be in and through an energy focus.