LOVE - I am Love part two

word love on wood

LOVE is! It is YOU! 

When you know LOVE, you will know you.

What is LOVE? ...a feeling/a sound/a knowing. And, how deep do you need to go to uncover what is already there?

Many look on the inside and become too uncomfortable with the overlays of stories OLD. Many use relationships as an avenue to create LOVE. Many look on the outside and become satisfied (or dis-satisfied) with a person/passion/trip/job. And when you are filled from the outside - what do you do when that 'love' changes, or the job stops?

mixed colours painted heartsYou may have spent a great deal of your life creating stories which, because they were based on the perception of that time or situation, became the blockages to knowing your true Self. Then, by adding belief systems (cultural/religious/family etc) to the mix, life became chaotic. Where is LOVE  in the mix of all of that?

You have worked to clear many/old blockages and have been getting lighter and more joyful. The purpose of doing this has been to open more to that flow of LOVE and have it being you and being a major part of/in everything you do. This then becomes a life of conscious choices.

Life created from conscious choices becomes more and more natural. It is based in truth. It is the reality. It is your LOVE in full expression of who you are.

focus nature leafConsciousness is about joining the energies of head and heart focused through the core. This allows you to create a life worth living, a world worth living in and a world worth looking after.

You are the LOVE  that is you creating your world every day. You know who you are.

There was once a stage where you could say "I am LIGHT"

Now you can say "I am LOVE".

Open from the core of LOVE with LOVE. Open as far as your capacity can reach. You know how to do that! Then you can include your future in this capacity and shape your world from who you are in the NOW.

Life is for LOVE

LOVE is for living.

Try it!