LOVE - what is it? part one

word love on wood

Love is such a weird can be happy or sad!

LOVE can be so alive and yet so flat.

LOVE may be the ideas we have made it, that makes it so important and/or LOVE can become so disastrous to so many!

You have looked at LOVE all through your life (and probably life times) and yet most people still keep looking! What is that about? What are your expectations re LOVE? 

Many of you show that you are not happy/satisfied with your lives because of the level or state of what you 'think' LOVE is, and how you live it. What does LOVE need to be for you to be 'happy'? Maybe you have been 'thinking' you are not enough to fill the needs of those around you i.e. your relationships/family!

Please know that you do not need to fill the needs of others - you just have to live the truth of who you really are. And, that is LOVE

Those of you who are Light Beings take so much to heart.

hanging from heartSo many of you have lived your heart as the centre of LOVE - however what has really happened is that you have used the heart as a storage base for emotional energy - feeling sorry for yourself or someone else! How can that be LOVE?

So many people - because of situations/relationships - live LOVE as a mental energy and manage their relationships that way! You can almost hear the words "If I survive all situations of hurt by putting them in my heart - they won't hurt me anymore".

However, deep down, we know this is not true. Unhappily the weight of mental and emotional energy increases the longer it holds.

It becomes another cover up of something you have not been able understand or manage.

What happened to the peace and the balance that you had at the start?

LOVE was something that was supposed to bring us joy and we would live LOVE going forward to support us and nurture us in everything we would do. How true has that been for you? AND, what else have you used to cover those situations and hurt?

The LOVE felt as parents with a new baby has always shown itself to be the most beautiful and expressive form of love. So amazing until the need to respond and continue to live the needs of the full family, the work place and having to earn/create the money needed to support the needs of family. 

What happens to the feeling of LOVE that children felt as babies? How is that affected by the mental and emotional twists and turns of adults, family and other societal groups? We see it in their behaviour and often consider it their problem because they feel the moods and swings of the adults.

boy with red paper heartWhen does LOVE  become a diminished state of being and become mental and emotional weighted overload? Do children really grow up feeling LOVE or do they assess LOVE  according to how they feel or see others and feel their discomfort?

As written, most people live LOVE as an emotion or a mental state. And, that will be the case until each person realises that love is not a state.

LOVE is a flow which supports us through all aspects of life. It is how you live our life. LIFE that knows LOVE can be so meaning-full.

Most energies have a state of awareness and affect.

LOVE is different! LOVE flows and continues to flow - all we need to do is open our awareness of LOVE and observe what that does for you. Breathe it and continue to breathe it every minute of every day. Living your own LOVE will become an automatic sharing of LOVE. You cannot stop that!

What if LOVE is enough?  

Try it! You might LOVE it!