Navigating the Way

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How does a family navigate the way forward for adults and children with skin conditions such as eczema.

Mostly, one situation and day at a time! The mind and it's mental and emotional counterparts create stress which produce such discomfort for the body to manage. The body tries to release that and the skin is the biggest excretory organ of all. 

Trying to manage and pushing forward is another strategy. This one takes us out of the present and often out of the body too. Living our life through the mind only will create stress which will have a reaction, no matter where the head goes. Eczema is certainly one that needs navigation.

Every day is a like mind map - going from one day to the next and from one situation to the next still in a stressed condition and creating more stress is not comfortable. At this point we lose touch with our knowing and/or understanding of the activators. Eczema is the body's way of letting us know that it did not cope in the past and is not coping in the present. We are following the mind's directions into old patterns and copying. 

It is interesting to note that when Jayne and I have worked together the itching and discomfort decreases. It is often hard to see how much that supports James as the next day with the daily situations and how they are managed becomes the cause of more dis/tress resulting in more eczema. However we have found many patterns of reaction and stress which have continued from Jayne's childhood. 

There is no blame here! No one intends to be stressed. It is a repeated reaction set up and controlled by the mind. It is what we have always done! We can observe our own ways. How we react/respond to any and all situations is the beginning of the pathway out of this.

We can change the ways of the mind! We can stop the mind reacting and opening to remembered pain through the brain. We can teach the body how to live without reaction and how to deal with mind created stress and stressors. 

Jayne knows so much and has so many physical ways of dealing with the physical situations. However the creams and oils etc only subdue the symptoms. They do not clear the cause. Creams do not stop the body from releasing through the skin. When body is in overload and if will find ways to tell us and will offload the best it can!


I have used this photo as Jayne has often showed me her past lifetimes and the recreation of similar mental and emotional pain that she has endured in this lifetime. Navigating the present is often helped by checking the past. The past can be a mirror of the present and in that I can usually see the origin of the each chapter of discomfort.

One particular evening when we connected for our weekly update Jayne commented that her hands and feet were on 'fire' - extremely uncomfortable - burning hot, itchy. That raw energy was 'fire' energy from the past and not a fire for warmth but for destruction. The 'fire' energy past showed multiple situations with trains and camps in Germany and Poland. Immediately Jayne had a major body awareness and response plus the realisation that somehow her body was holding that stress as a present energy. 

Jayne also shared that for years as a child and teenager she was always asking her mother for books about the concentration camps. Jayne's words "I could not get enough! I needed to know something and I was not aware of what that may have been. I just had to read them. As we talked, the symptoms of raised and blotchy skin were disappearing. The so-called eczema was disappearing before our eyes.  

The 'fire' stopped and the feet and hands started to relax.  This type of clearing has continued in each session with a current related episode of stress in past years and sometime past lifetimes and even civilisations. Most of this has been showing through the lines of the Father's Fathers back through time. And interesting, that in this life time Jayne and her father have situations of pain and stress that had been there for years! WOW! What an opening and clearing of cause of stress related eczema.  Visiting Jayne's relationship with her father in the present time had resulted in many outbreaks of eczema as a child and teenager, so even contemplating a discussion with her father became stressful. The eczema reaction is there almost immediately. And yes! James follows. Within an hour he is showing similar skin discomfort.

Opening and off-loading situations is based in acceptance of what was, as it was! We cannot change the reality we have lived. We can work to get all to a level of acceptance followed by working to let go of all attitudes. This stops the body and its repeated habits of creating stress and pain.

NB: We have all copied our parents. They have been our early teachers of how to live this life - probably at all levels unconscious and conscious. However as adults we now have all of that right in front of us. We can change aspects of that where we need and choose to - We can now set different examples for our children.

The success of each chapter will be about staying in our own body when we are faced with a myriad of mental and emotional reactions and responses 'making us' feel worthless and depressed.


and now from Jayne ....

Staying away from fear / panic has been one of the biggest breakthroughs for me in the past two weeks - has kept me away from old habits, mindsets etc more "I think" and 'going down the rabbit hole'. This has been especially true when I can feel myself starting to go 'off' (getting dizzy) - I don't panic, I call myself back - and ask for help if for some reason I can't do it (which has been less and less).

When I can feel myself or the kids getting sick (and I know I'm probably next) ..... intense panic / fear / woe-is-me normally sets in. I noticed this last time (everyone came down with a cold after xmas break) .........I was aware of staying away from the fear and it helped ...... had m ore of the  mindset that "I can do this, never mind the lack of sleep' it's fine, it is what it is, you are strong enough!

My change from feeling .... to awareness. I am very happy with being able to notice energetic weight/wearing as soon as it happens ..... like a pain in my shoulder or heaviness in my neck ..... it's been freeing knowing it's just energy and to clear  it immediately before it gets worse. Taming my mind is becoming an art! 

I've also fought, this past week, to stay in my own energy - calling myself back each time I 'go off'. It has been hard and stressful at times when dealing with the kids. It is quite circular - I want to stay in my own energy so I can deal with the kids and help THEM ...... but meanwhile I am spinning half the time and 'going off and out' because of THEM (especially James). Being cooped up at home with him for a full week, in the  rain, and him being sick and home from school was quite a challenge. Eczema galore! We kept wearing each other, making me very dizzy and weak, thus harder to help with sick kids and show him how to stay in his own energy. We had our own school at home. Interesting also that Austin was home from school last year at the same time. 

More and more I see just how much he is teaching me who I am. I have eczema - he has eczema. He is in my face and I am in his. The quicker I learn this the quicker he can be just himself and we can both be happy.

The more I see myself as a child and what I took on to 'help my mother' helps me see that I have copied her and her ways. I can also see that this does not need to continue. I can be more conscious of who I am and stop my mind from taking over using the old ways.


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