NOW is here!


NOW you have completed the walk through the spiritual, ancient, tribal, family(ies) in OLD weighted energies - especially emotional mental - to self in this place. You have cleared your mind of the dictionary of the past - all that was uncomfortable, pain/blame/shame etc etc. 

NOW you accept of you and all as it was. You have offloaded the opposites and mind language to become what you really were all along - a LIGHT BEING.

NOW you are your LIGHT BEING - one who uses knowing in all you do, letting go the business and frantic ways of trying to get 'things done' all in place and in order and holding still in the core to know and do.

NOW you have let go of giving the mind the job of problem solving all of the difficult situations - when we didn't get what we wanted, when we had no answers and did not know how to go within to find those. We had developed the mind so much we lost the ability to know SELF outside the identities we had created, and, and ever since the first step you took on earth you committed to once again become a vibrant. alive, whole LIGHT BEING living with ease in Light. Gosh that is a big sentence!

light sunriseNOW is here! Now you can wake in the mornings and know the needs of your body, know the foods that support you, know the people who support and whom you support in Love and Light.

NOW is here - you can walk amongst most people with ease, where before, your sensitive self would pick up the energies of others causing distress and discomfort - especially in the digestive centre and around your head.

NOW is - where your mind is not using the past 'dictionary' to have you consider that your physical body was ill/sick  AND all yours. 

NOW, as a Light Being self you have quietened the mind and living from the centre of self using awareness. You know you are Light and that Light is a healing Light. 

NOW you are here and the energies and 'so called lessons' of the past lines of Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers are completed and the energy of the gene pool has been lifted to a much higher level of vibration and Light. Yeah! You have worked with commitment to have this completed and use the NEW energy of NOW to create in every present moment the life you choose to live.


I have used Light Beings to help with the healing work for a lllooonnnnggg time! - or is it that I have observed and learned from the Light Beings just what and how to do!!! Remember when it was all physical and once becoming Spiritual (in the last century) finding that there was more and working with the Light Beings to assist people to raise their vibrations to higher and lighter levels to live in our physical world. 

NOW we ask our/the Light Beings to work. We do not (ever) get into someone else's energy. We use our knowing not knowledge to guide us as we work.  The vibrational levels we live may not always hold - this depends on our creation(s)! Cause and effect! We can always lift those vibrations again - when/if needed. I have taught you many and wondrous ways shared by the Light Beings to me. It is up to you in every present moment as you are in the NOW!

colourful light

NOW has nothing in it! It is clear! It is Light! How you use it is the magic! You can fill it with Light/Love/Joy to do anything you choose. A very basic way! Yes! There is no need to 'get' motivated. Just start something and watch what happens. I did this washing windows. I started in full energy with one, just one.... and this led to all the windows being done! No hassle, no tiredness - stay staying in the moment. I have done this with many 'chores' (a mind word not required any longer) and found to my delight the joy of staying present and the mind and it's nagging nowhere to be seen!

Don't panic if you 'feel you are not there yet! The present energy is so supportive of you owning yourself at the higher levels.

NOW is where you can let go of "I don't fit in - people think I am weird"

NOW is where you start smiling and don't stop and the world has grown and changed to allow you to be YOU!

NOW you use your knowing without ever thinking! - not needed/not required.

NOW is here where you can ask again  "Who am I?" and love what you have become.